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Cyber Security/ Virus / Malware

By ASHY6901 ·
For the past 20 days or so l, I have been occasionally observing weird behavior on my Asus Laptop. It runs on windows 10. Occassionally, the mouse pointer starts moving on its own. Then, sometimes while browsing the internet too many random tabs get opened. I am also getting random pop ups. The most disturbing thing is that I use a premium antivirus and still this is happening. I mean it's not like it keeps on happening everytime but I have noticed it al least 6-7 times in a span of 15-20 days. I am worried that someone might be tampering with my device . Although I have done multiple virus scans just to be sure. I do not know what is happening. Although I do not keep any critical data on my laptop but still, I am concerned with some cybercriminal stalking me . What can be the probable cause of such happenings on my laptop?
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have you run.....

by birdmantd Moderator In reply to Cyber Security/ Virus / M ...

....Windows Defender or Malwarebytes to check your system yet ? If not, I would recommend that you do so.

There is a free and a paid version of Malwarebytes. Both are good. Windows Defender should already be installed on your computer and it is free to use.

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Re: issues

by Kees_B Moderator In reply to Cyber Security/ Virus / M ...

For the mouse pointer moving, try disabling the touchpad and only use a 'real' mouse, either USB or wireless.

For the popups in the browser, try another browser. Edge, Chrome and Firefox all are free.

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The creeping mouse complaint.

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to Cyber Security/ Virus / M ...

Nod to Kees and birdman here. The creeping mouse has spooked many users but it's usually hardware.

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Thanks, but...

by ASHY6901 In reply to The creeping mouse compla ...

The point is, I have a real USB mouse and I use it very often because obviously the touchpad is irritating. Even when it is in use and connected the pointer moves. Also how do these random tabs get opened. Also these annoying popus with random content?
Please tell me is there anything that can harm me on the software level? Should I do anything?

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Re; touchpad

by Kees_B Moderator In reply to Thanks, but...

Did you disable the touchpad? Have a look in Control Panel>Mouse and in Device Manager for that.
Connecting a USB mouse doesn't disable the touchpad.

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Yes Yes, I know that but...

by ASHY6901 In reply to Re; touchpad

Hi! I do disable the mouse when USB mouse is in use. I know that. What I am saying is that despite that it moves strangely at the times I am talking about. Randomly here and there on the screen selecting/ clicking random files. That's what scary, know!

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Let's hear a little more about the old mouse.

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to Yes Yes, I know that but. ...

In short, try another mouse.

Do scan for malware and spyware. Nod to suggestions like MalwyareBytes and if you want a deep inspection of your computer, join and follow their rules on posting. BE PATIENT as such requests are so many and it may take time to get to you.

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by ASHY6901 In reply to Let's hear a little more ...

I will try the malwarebytes thing. I have already deleted unecessary downoads and all. Let's see
Thanks for weighing in.

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by dailyupdatesWW In reply to Cyber Security/ Virus / M ...

You should use Nod 32 Antivirus. this Antivirus is free and easy to use.

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Why this?

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to Malware

I haven't seen a virus in over a decade. Malware and spyware, sure, but not one virus over thousands of PCs in over a decade.

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