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cyberCafe setup

By netbunlop ·
hi, i am the midest of setting up a Cybercafe(heavy on gaming apps.) and thus have a few questions.

there would be a total of 40 workstations 1 server
Modem(provided by isp).all runing @ gigabit

1:any suggestions of the network setup? router/switch(brands/model)10*100*1000

2:do i need a server to assign the security rights to workstation or just use a policy editor?

3:how do i ensure that the latency(enough bandwidth) of the network is at the lowest?

thanks alot

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to cyberCafe setup

If you are running Windows XP you have a upper Concurrent connection limit of 10 with XP Pro and 5 with XP Home so yes you do need a server if this is aimed at gaming as you'll be unable to see the bulk of machines available if they are nearly all being used.

As far as the Setup goes it really depends on what experience you have. If you've only worked with Windows it will be easier to use a Windows Server Application and make sure that everything has Gigabyte LAN Connections installed. But one word of warning here if you are using M'Boards with On-board LAN connections you are stick with that speed LAN connection as you Can Not Mix NIC cards as the 10/100 T Base do not work with the 1000 NIC cards in the same computer. Generally speaking they will not boot but if they do you'll get a very unstable Windows running that will constantly fail. Naturally only use the Gigabyte Switches as you'll appreciate the extra speed.

If you have some experience with any form of Nix you can install a Linux Server Distro and run the network off that and set your various security settings there just as you would in AD on a Windows Server.

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to

The way to go is have the Modem feed the Server and then on a second LAN connection feed the rest of the network in this case the stated 40 Workstations/Play stations or whatever. Most Server M'Boards have 2 Gigabite LAN connections built in so this shouldn't be an issue if you are using the right hardware but if you are attempting to use a Workstation Grade System as the Server you may have some problems as generally speaking it's not powerful enough for the job required.

As far as brands of Switches go I personally Like Cisco but really any brand of multi Purpose Switch will do the job quite nicely and with 40 end users you would most likely be happy to be looking at a 24 + station Rack Mount Managed Switch and use a couple of these so you have a few extra connections available just in case. It also generally speaking works out cheaper to buy 2 X 24 Port Switches than one 48 Port Switch but if money isn't a problem go with he 48 port switch and you'll be OK.

These things take up very little space and no matter which way you go you'll see very little difference between either option.


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by netbunlop In reply to

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by jmgarvin In reply to cyberCafe setup

If you are going to buy a router and/or switch on the cheap make sure that the router has UPnP and the switch can talk to other switches (you'll probably need two switches).

You should probably also invest in a good firewall. Cisco PIX firewalls are great, but if you are going to do it on the cheap get an old machine and setup iptables on it.

Also make sure to get imaging software as your machines will take a'll probably end up re-imaging weekly.

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by netbunlop In reply to

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by netbunlop In reply to cyberCafe setup

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