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"cybercriminals" take lessons from businss school

By Neon Samurai ·
This popped up in my morning reading. My question; why is it "cybercrminals" and what is a "cybercrminal" anyway?;jsessionid=SKTSQEDUBOY1YQSNDLPSKHSCJUNN2JVN?articleID=218500487

First, organized crime has been employing university graduate lawyers and MBAs for years. I'm sure it's specifically sent subordinates to business school. This is nothing new and should be a shock to anyone.

Crime has always expanded to all possible avenues of profit. Prostitution, gambling, theft, fraud, highway robbery, hijacking; these things are not even remotely new. Carriage robbery becomes carjacking. Horse theft becomes car theft. The only thing that has changed about shipping theft is the weapon's rate of fire and size of the container on the back of the truck or boat. It's only natural that fraud and theft would adopt information systems as they've historically adopted every other possible medium and location.

Though not legal or ethical, it is also a business. Why is it such a shock that organized crime would learn from successful business practices taught in school and why is the obvious development of using the internet big news?

And "cybercriminal", why must we differentiate. It's nothing new. It's the same old crime it was when it adopted the phone system but we didn't need to call it "telecrime". Why must criminals suddenly be special because they use a computer system? It's not magical, it's not mysterious, it's really not even creative; it's just the same methods of theft and fraud tactics that have been used for centuries. Be misleading, be sneaky, get out with the money before your caught; nothing new. Why must we glorify it with some dramatic title?

Dark Reading does highlight some good topics but I'm filing this one on the No-Sht-Sherlock shelf behind "Captain Obvious reports that sky is blue."

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