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What software or program can give the user remote desktop access to computers in the country? The local computer does not need to have any remote desktop program running but the intruder can have remote desktop access when the local computer is connected to the internet and can control the cursor which has the effects of ClickLock even when ClickLock is turned off in the local computer. The intruder just need to choose the location of the computer he wants to see the activity of the user of that computer in the country.

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by smithnennry123 In reply to Cybersecurity

Security is the most important part of all people and businesses. In the market many Softwares and cybersecurity services provider that provides the best security services to secure your network.

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software for remote desktop connection

by pooja1588142131 In reply to Cybersecurity

There are a number of remote access Software like - Teamviewer, ZohoAssist, RemotePC, SecureLink, Lite Manager, Splashtop, etc.

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Benefits of Cybersecurity

by simransaini7654 In reply to Cybersecurity

The benefits explained by the writer are worth reading. In addition, I would like to ask one question: What are the current cybersecurity risks? Although cybersecurity offers a diverse range of cybersecurity features as well as solutions to help the user enjoy the optimum levels of security throughout the business. However, the cybersecurity risks vary from one industry to another, and they are constantly evolving.

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cybersecurity protection using multilayer security

by patriciaslucia In reply to Cybersecurity

There's no one silver bullet that can take down every attacker, but it’s possible to implement several layers of security that work together as a whole to defend against a myriad of attacks. Layered security stops a successful breach from a vulnerability in one defense and offers an onion design approach where each layer compounds with another to form a fully functioning, complete sphere of security. It protects the internal network and its data by surrounding it with several layers that an attacker must defeat, making security much more complex for a successful breach. Using multi-layer security should be incorporated.

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