Cyclic Redundancy Check Error

By jeffrey.ho ·
My nightly backups are all failing. I use an Ultrium 1 Dell Powerfault 110T drive with brand new Ultrium 1 tapes. The backup logs all give me a Cyclic Redundancy Check tape error.

How do I correct this?


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Does the error pertain to a certain file?

by Dedlbug In reply to Cyclic Redundancy Check E ...

CRC is basically a formula used to check that your data is OK when being transfered.
This CRC error could be caused by corruption with the data itself, the source drive or the destination media. Is it a specific file/folder that you get the error on? Or is it the whole backup process. Make sure your tape drive has been cleaned also.

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by jeffrey.ho In reply to Does the error pertain to ...

It is the entrie backup process that errors out. It simply says there has been a tape error and it shows CRC as the error...

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Sounds like the tapes...

by NaughtyMonkey In reply to crc

are the problem. Is it a robotic library or just a single drive. Libraries with the right software will scan go to the next tape if one has an error. If it is a single drive and happening on multiple tapes, it may be the drive.

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