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D-link Adapter-Installation

By egsiegmund ·
Iam using Win XP (no upgrades)and trying to install a D-link DWL- G510 Desktop Adapter. After loading the software an installing card the lights on the board alternately blink and on the bottom line of the desktop I have A white "D" with a moving red line in it. The text box over the"D" states "D-Link AirPlus DWL-G510 Wireless PCI Adapter(rev. B) Not Connected". After card installation & turning on computer I do not get an indication that new hardware has been recognized.
I do not know what to do next

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by TheChas In reply to D-link Adapter-Installati ...

If I am reading things correctly, your adapter IS properly installed.

The fact that you have a tray icon and information is provided shows that Windows is seeing the card.

The "Not Connected" response signifies that the card is not seeing, or cannot connect to your wireless network.

What to do next?

Follow the instructions for your access point / router and set up the network connection.


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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to D-link Adapter-Installati ...

Th Chas is correct you now have the Wireless Card connected or installed properly now all you need do is the painful part of establishing the Wireless network.

Generally most people who are new to this start with the Wireless Hub Wide Open and connect up to that and then start tieing it down for Security Purposes. But quite often for Home Networks they are just happy to get the Wireless Network up & running and forget about security so they have an open Wireless Access point available for 500 meters which has some major legal complications if anyone was to access it and download some Kiddy porn as the ISP has to advise the Proper Authorities who then investigate the download and here at least the owner of the Wireless point is Labial for the download and convicted of the Offense even if they know nothing about it and there is no data of the type on their computers. Of course they are then added to the Sexual Offenders List and denied any access to working anywhere near children.

So once you get the connection working you need to tie it down to prevent things like this from happening.


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