D-Link DFL-200 VPN w/ same local ip subnets

By steve ·
I've been asked to setup a VPN using ipsec lan to lan tunnel on our D-Link DFL-200 to a Cisco ASA5520.

Our DFL-200 is using a private ip range of

The other end of the vpn tunnel says they already have a vpn with a partner using that private ip range.

They suggested I use NAT to change the private ip range for their vpn to, so they don't conflict. So I understand that I need to setup some form of NAT so that anything that comes in requesting a connection to is translated to our private ip range of

My question is, do I use a routing table for that, or do I have to create a port forwarding rule for incoming to forward to

On the DFL-200 I don't see any section specifically labeled NAT, but I do see a Routing Table. Is that what I want?

It appears I can choose the VPN setup as the interface for the routing table, which I think that means this route applies to traffic going thru that interface, as opposed to the WAN interface, etc.

Then it gives me a network setting. I think this is where I would type the other private ip range of and the subnet of

Does that mean that traffic the flows on the vpn interface will use local private ip's of the range?

Sorry so long... Thanks

UPDATE: Someone told me the D-Link DFL-200 is not capable of using NAT on a VPN connection to translate the local ip address to a different ip range just for the vpn. so it looks like i will need to change all my internal ip addressses to get the vpn to work with this partner, or buy a different firewall.

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