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    Dag Nab It !!!! Spaces in the Tiny


    by maxwell edison ·

    Has anyone else noticed that the dreaded spaces are ALSO appearing in the tiny url as well? (When pasted into an answer/discussion)

    Is this happening to only me? Is this happening all the time, or some of the time?

    Why doesn’t TechRepublic fix this?

    Is there a way around it?

    GuruOfDOS: Will you flame me too for posting a question here? :-)~

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      by oz_media ·

      In reply to Dag Nab It !!!! Spaces in the Tiny

      Your Question is better suited for the Technical Q&AQ section of this website, as opposed to open Discussions.

      Further postings of this type in the incorrect forum will result in your PC being reduced to a 4 bit game console. You may want to dig out the old Dig Dug and Pong games.

      As for http://www.t i n y u r l .c o m / b h n x

      I haven’t noticed it myself but I’m pretty absent minded when it comes to roof preading.

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        chuckle chuckle

        by maxwell edison ·

        In reply to Sir

        By the way, I like pong.

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          Me too

          by tomsal ·

          In reply to chuckle chuckle

          Pong and hey Dig Dug was good too…

          Wonder how pong network edition would be? 😉

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      by road-dog ·

      In reply to Dag Nab It !!!! Spaces in the Tiny

      will probably not smite you over this, as your comment relates to TR.

      I suspect that you aren’t screwing anyone out of techpoints for a workable solution from other members…

      Further, except for riverfreight, there seems to be no question about rights to material posted here. TR as you might find, is a little different from Kazaa. Personally, I don’t even have an open in the home firewall to let my kids use kazaa.

      If some folks want to engage in it.. fine. I’m not going to help them either

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      Listen here Maxwell…..

      by guruofdos ·

      In reply to Dag Nab It !!!! Spaces in the Tiny


      No, no my friend! I jest! I wouldn’t flame you without very good reason and you rarely, if ever, give me reason enough!

      Although your posting contains several questions (I can tell this because of the ‘question’ marks and the fact that you wrote in the interrogative!) there is obviously debate (and sport) to be had here. Questions that rely on shared perceptions and collective experience for answers. The debate is an ongoing one and there is much mileage yet to be milked from it, methinks, and pertains to the general question (Discussion topic?) of:

      “Has TR STILL not got it right?”


      “Is it just me or are we all having a bad day?”

      The difference between ‘Questions’ and ‘Discussions’ is that questions, if we are lucky, can sometimes generate ‘Answers’. There is often more than one ‘correct’ answer, and you are sure to encounter a few ‘wrong’ ones, or answers that are ‘correct’ only under certain conditions.

      ‘Discussions’ on the other hand often raise more questions than they answer and input becomes a matter of opinion as well as a matter of fact and fiction (or even friction!). This is what makes Homo Sapiens what we are…we strive to follow different threads of knowledge and seek new ideas when the answers to the basic problems have been provided. We like to reach new heights (and plumb new depths), not just sit on the plateau.

      An answer to the question ‘Why?’ may be ‘Because!’ That may be enough to answer the original question to someones satisfaction and the matter is left there. Discussion and debate follow when ‘Because!’ isn’t enough, and there are differing opinions and thoughts or feelings on the matter of ‘Because!’

      So, I think you have certainly provided a valid topic for discourse, debate and democratic discussion!

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        The Case of the Dreaded Space

        by maxwell edison ·

        In reply to Listen here Maxwell…..

        That’s what I should have named this thing, right Guru?

        Or perhaps this:

        The case of the dreaded space is a disgrace, and the race to find the ace on a pace to chase, trace or erase, with grace and a straight-face, of course, or to find a knowlwdge base or a way to fill that place once occupied by the dreaded space.

        Yes, I did have green eggs and ham for breakfast. Why do you ask?

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      It’s a right wing conspiracy!

      by cactus pete ·

      In reply to Dag Nab It !!!! Spaces in the Tiny

      This is simply added proof that you cannot get or give advice without the Man having first blessed it with his fellow Company-men. They’re reading everything we put in here, you know this is true because of the Patriot act.

      And don’t let any of our foreign friends think they aren’t being monitored, either. Just because they live elsewhere doesn’t mean that we can’t foil their evil plans by placing random spaces in URLs!

      • #3389568

        You forgot the adjective. . .

        by maxwell edison ·

        In reply to It’s a right wing conspiracy!


        ….it’s a vast right-wing conspiracy.

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        In the good old days…

        by guruofdos ·

        In reply to It’s a right wing conspiracy!

        when you bought a decent piece of software it came with a manual! There was often a blank page here and there with a footnote in small print that stated

        This page intentionally left blank.

        Perhaps in 2003, unwanted spaces in URLs or postings on TR are the modern day equivalent??!!

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          by cactus pete ·

          In reply to In the good old days…

          Since most of the manuals now are on the CD, or even just on the vendors’ servers, do they still put intentional blank spaces in them?

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          Oh Yes!

          by oz_media ·

          In reply to Manuals

          From dealing with “vendor servers” I can definitely say they MUST leave blank spaces in them.

          I’ve never seen TR orphan a letter before, not in a URL (other than long ones) or written text.

          Hey Max, you sure you don’t have a big gut that rests on your space bar?

        • #3389139

          Ouch – but no, no, no

          by maxwell edison ·

          In reply to Oh Yes!

          As Ringo once sang, no no no no, I don’t eat it no more. (among other things)

          No gut. No buzz. No hangovers. All get in the way of my smooth golf swing.

          A respectable 190 (@6’0″).

          Not bad for 49.

          (But if you keep smokin’ those cancer sticks, you won’t be able to say the same thing in 15 years.)

        • #3389117

          15 years

          by oz_media ·

          In reply to Ouch – but no, no, no

          I’ll be lucky if I can say it in 5 !
          I have a LOT of will power, I’m VERY opinionated (as you know:-P), I’m VERY strong in my convictions, but can I stop smoking !?

          Man now THERE”S something I don’t like about the USA, Virginian Tobacco (mmmmmmmm Export A)!
          “No…Tobacco’s our friend”
          “No it isn’t, it’ll KILL YOUUUUUUUUU!!!!”
          “No we like tobaccos don’t we, yessssssssssss, Tobacco, the Precious !”

          Help !!!!!!

        • #3388949

          OZ you have to admit

          by hal 9000 ·

          In reply to 15 years

          That the smoking is far cheaper than the shrink bills that we would all have.

          We all work in the IT industry here and how often can you say that things go according to plan? Or better still how often does anything Microsoft work as it is claimed to? I particuarly like the migration tools that work out all the big problems but leave a multitude of little problems that where totally unexpected and take forever to fix. There was a time when you could say this job will take X number of hours and will require Y bits of hardware and software now that’s all gone out the window {no pun intendee there} and the best that you can do is guess what will be required and how long it will take.

          It seems to me that the easer that MS make things the harder it becomes for us to do them. I can remember the good old days when all you had to do was walk in with a new server on a fork lift and spend a couple of hours connecting it and then leave with the old on on the same fork lift. Now we carry them in and spend the next few weeks getting them up and running and still leave the old on in place for a few months just in case so when things go wrong we can have them up and running in a very short time while we “FIX” the problem that has arisen.

          Actually before I started working with computers I didn’t smoke but I found it far more relaxing than punching out an apprentence who screwed things up {after all now days if you do that you end up before the boss with a complaint against you and some form of litergation} So I just walk away and have a smoke to calm down.

          But it was good feeling chasing someone out of a building with a 2 foot long screwdriver trying to kill then for messing up a few days work in under 5 minutes because they knew far more than you did and you where only there to train them but inn actual fact you where only there to take the blame when they screwed up especially when they did something that they where told not to it was till your fault.

          I have some fond memories of chasing a young apprentence out of a building with a big screwdriver trying to kill him and running into the boss who imediatly put me on holidays as I was considered as over stressed. Unfortantly that only lasted a few hours as I was the only one who knew what was going on so I was called back to finish off the job and I never did get those holidays, but it was fun.

        • #3388842

          Not my problem

          by oz_media ·

          In reply to 15 years

          I sleep like a baby at night. I work from my kitchen/office all day and RARELY experience problems, can you say ZERO stress.

          “Or better still how often does anything Microsoft work as it is claimed to?”
          Windows I can fix, I wouldn’t even give the slightest consideration to using their networking products.

          ” Now we carry them in and spend the next few weeks getting them up and running and still leave the old on in place for a few months just in case so when things go wrong we can have them up and running in a very short time while we “FIX” the problem that has arisen.”

          I’m an MCNE, Novell works ALWAYS works, installs and new servers setups are as easy if not easier than they claim and only take a couple of hours, email inclusive.

          It baflfes me to no end when I see all these experienced and well educated techs who can’t convince a company that Netware will not only save them money but it will work too. The two companies I netadmin for now, USED to have MS servers, I refuse to work with garbage so they are both running Netware and absolutely LOVE it.

          I have yet to find a reason why someone would choose Windoze over Netware for a NOS.

          As for chasing people with screwdrivers, I network alone, only two companies, one under 100 users the other under 60 so it’s easy cake to eat.

          NOW, as for someone in the SHOP pissing me off, I only work with those who I know can build properly (cars that is). I used to throw a lot of tools at people and chase them out but now I have a good team of painters, bodymen, air techs etc.

          But I still smoke (more than my chimney). Sometimes I even get gressed out and quit smokng all together (until I find a store 😛 )


        • #3387591

          Euthanasia …

          by jardinier ·

          In reply to Ouch – but no, no, no

          My very learned friend, Prof Ross Blunden, aged 88 with the life force steadily and irreversibly draining from him, still smokes “roll-your-own.” He refers to this as his “euthanasia.”

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      Must be from the site change

      by thechas ·

      In reply to Dag Nab It !!!! Spaces in the Tiny

      Hi Max,

      I too have noticed spaces appearing where they never used to. I have only seen this since TR updated the site. I suspect that a new error crept in.

      It used to be that the spaces only showed up when the URL had to wrap for more than 1 line in either the text box when tying your comments, or in the text in the posted comment.

      Now, the spaces show up at seemingly random places in BOTH URLs and the text of our postings.

      I use a spell checker when I post, and yet see missing and added spaces in the text and URLs of my postings.

      Perhaps it is time for you and I to again write to MS. Combs and see if anything can be done.


      • #3389057

        I put it down to the sit change as well

        by hal 9000 ·

        In reply to Must be from the site change

        Maxwell I’ll avoid the jives that have appeared above but I did like the one about this being better suited to the Q&A section although it obviously isn’t.

        But it is something that has only happened since the site change so I just put it down to some form of glitch in the system. Hopefully it will get fixed soon but then if it is something to do with a MS OS we may just be stuck with it.

        • #3388991

          It’s not a bug, It’s a feature!

          by mrbill- ·

          In reply to I put it down to the sit change as well

          Are you all talking about the new M$ space insertion feature? It is a new enhancement from M$. After all these years with people using those space-saving devices M$ got a good deal on the extra spaces and are putting them into it?s OS and Webs, for a nominal fee of course.

        • #3388961

          Silly Me I forgot about

          by hal 9000 ·

          In reply to It’s not a bug, It’s a feature!

          Those undocumented features of every Microsoft Product. You are probably right and it is one of these that MS has spent thousands of man hours developing and then not bothering to tell us.

        • #3388841

          Do I need a licence

          by oz_media ·

          In reply to Silly Me I forgot about

          Does Microsnot require you to have a spacing licence or will they try and audit all of us now?

        • #3387581

          Well I haven’t recieved an “Enforcment Alert

          by hal 9000 ·

          In reply to Do I need a licence

          From MS for quite some time now it has to be at least 4 months whenb I used to recieve then every few days so it’s my guess that the “Legal Eagles” at MS are still attempting to find people who don’t follow the rules {If only to keep them in a job} so we may all be audited in the near future just to make sure that we have our spacing certs or face court action.

          After all these people have to justify their jobs or be made redundant don’t they?

    • #3389002

      Awww man! Somebody had to…

      by guruofdos ·

      In reply to Dag Nab It !!!! Spaces in the Tiny

      Ok…it must have been a slow day!

    • #3388864

      The Hard Drive Manufacturers..

      by road-dog ·

      In reply to Dag Nab It !!!! Spaces in the Tiny

      are behind this. Imagine the reduced revenues resulting from the huge decrease in the $ per meg of storage. They have colluded with the software vendors to take the two-pronged approach to soak us:
      1) Bloatware
      2) Random characters dispersed for no reason

      We must fight this with our awesome collective might by deleting all of the files we can and making our storage last forever.

      • #3388847

        That’s a GREAT idea!

        by cactus pete ·

        In reply to The Hard Drive Manufacturers..

        I’m going to tell all my users right now!


      • #3388838

        I’m in already

        by oz_media ·

        In reply to The Hard Drive Manufacturers..

        I do that almost daily just to reduce the boredom.
        I’m probably being watched by Western Digital as I type this. I’ve got an older PC with a 2gig that has been used for three years without reformatting, just constant cleaning of files.

        If you see me as ‘Missing” on a milk carton, you all know why.

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