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Dag Nab It !!!! Spaces in the Tiny

By maxwell edison ·
Has anyone else noticed that the dreaded spaces are ALSO appearing in the tiny url as well? (When pasted into an answer/discussion)

Is this happening to only me? Is this happening all the time, or some of the time?

Why doesn't TechRepublic fix this?

Is there a way around it?

GuruOfDOS: Will you flame me too for posting a question here? :-)~

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by Oz_Media In reply to Dag Nab It !!!! Spaces in ...

Your Question is better suited for the Technical Q&AQ section of this website, as opposed to open Discussions.

Further postings of this type in the incorrect forum will result in your PC being reduced to a 4 bit game console. You may want to dig out the old Dig Dug and Pong games.

As for http://www.t i n y u r l .c o m / b h n x

I haven't noticed it myself but I'm pretty absent minded when it comes to roof preading.

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chuckle chuckle

by maxwell edison In reply to Sir

By the way, I like pong.

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Me too

by TomSal In reply to chuckle chuckle

Pong and hey Dig Dug was good too...

Wonder how pong network edition would be?

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by road-dog In reply to Dag Nab It !!!! Spaces in ...

will probably not smite you over this, as your comment relates to TR.

I suspect that you aren't screwing anyone out of techpoints for a workable solution from other members...

Further, except for riverfreight, there seems to be no question about rights to material posted here. TR as you might find, is a little different from Kazaa. Personally, I don't even have an open in the home firewall to let my kids use kazaa.

If some folks want to engage in it.. fine. I'm not going to help them either

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Listen here Maxwell.....

by GuruOfDos In reply to Dag Nab It !!!! Spaces in ...


No, no my friend! I jest! I wouldn't flame you without very good reason and you rarely, if ever, give me reason enough!

Although your posting contains several questions (I can tell this because of the 'question' marks and the fact that you wrote in the interrogative!) there is obviously debate (and sport) to be had here. Questions that rely on shared perceptions and collective experience for answers. The debate is an ongoing one and there is much mileage yet to be milked from it, methinks, and pertains to the general question (Discussion topic?) of:

"Has TR STILL not got it right?"


"Is it just me or are we all having a bad day?"

The difference between 'Questions' and 'Discussions' is that questions, if we are lucky, can sometimes generate 'Answers'. There is often more than one 'correct' answer, and you are sure to encounter a few 'wrong' ones, or answers that are 'correct' only under certain conditions.

'Discussions' on the other hand often raise more questions than they answer and input becomes a matter of opinion as well as a matter of fact and fiction (or even friction!). This is what makes **** Sapiens what we are...we strive to follow different threads of knowledge and seek new ideas when the answers to the basic problems have been provided. We like to reach new heights (and plumb new depths), not just sit on the plateau.

An answer to the question 'Why?' may be 'Because!' That may be enough to answer the original question to someones satisfaction and the matter is left there. Discussion and debate follow when 'Because!' isn't enough, and there are differing opinions and thoughts or feelings on the matter of 'Because!'

So, I think you have certainly provided a valid topic for discourse, debate and democratic discussion!

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The Case of the Dreaded Space

by maxwell edison In reply to Listen here Maxwell.....

That's what I should have named this thing, right Guru?

Or perhaps this:

The case of the dreaded space is a disgrace, and the race to find the ace on a pace to chase, trace or erase, with grace and a straight-face, of course, or to find a knowlwdge base or a way to fill that place once occupied by the dreaded space.

Yes, I did have green eggs and ham for breakfast. Why do you ask?

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It's a right wing conspiracy!

by Cactus Pete In reply to Dag Nab It !!!! Spaces in ...

This is simply added proof that you cannot get or give advice without the Man having first blessed it with his fellow Company-men. They're reading everything we put in here, you know this is true because of the Patriot act.

And don't let any of our foreign friends think they aren't being monitored, either. Just because they live elsewhere doesn't mean that we can't foil their evil plans by placing random spaces in URLs!

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You forgot the adjective. . .

by maxwell edison In reply to It's a right wing conspir ...

....VAST's a vast right-wing conspiracy.

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by Cactus Pete In reply to You forgot the adjective. ...

So it IS you!!!

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or possibly

by GuruOfDos In reply to You forgot the adjective. ...

a VAST rig ht win g conspir acy.

Who kn ows?!!

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