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Dail Up Connection for Work and Home PCs

By olaoreoladapo ·
Can you easily connect your home and work PC using a dail up connection (Win9. Please join the discussion to contribute and learn.

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Yes you can

by psingh In reply to Dail Up Connection for Wo ...

Use Norton's "pc any where"......or if you have nt server you can configure it to dial in ...for home users....

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More Ways...

by olaoreoladapo In reply to Yes you can

Windows Nt Server is a good way to acheive this. Is there anyway Win98 can acheive the same without 3rd party software?

It does have a dail-up adapter. Might I have to change from Windows 98 - NT if this is really important to me?

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Yes, but it's tricky.....

by Ebstar In reply to More Ways...

Dialing in to an NT server from Win98 is essentially an easy task. It's just a simple case of setting up a dial up networking account just like you would with an ISP. However, in reality, there are a lot of pitfals to overcome. For a more detailed account of the problems encountered, refer to a current active discussion...

You should find a lot of useful hints and tips here and hopefully, when I here back from Microsoft, we'll have a full working solution.


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by hannah In reply to More Ways...
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Depends on access and security needs

by igddc In reply to Dail Up Connection for Wo ...

Are you trying to access a network or just another PC? NTServer with RAS(dial-in) does a pretty good job of making you another node on the internal network. You can enforce security through Challenge Response and encryption if you need to. You may or may not need a local LMHOSTS file for resolution depending on your configuration and needs. If you want to you can try a VPN over the internet. You should probably have a good handle on security and routing though. You are opening your server('s) up to the internet. If you are just trying to go from machine to machine over dial-up, and/or security is not a problem Microsoft did take the dial-up server from Plus and include it with 98. This is pretty straight forward. Lastly, if you need to get to the desktop you should probably use PCAnywhere.

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