daily backup using robocopy

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i want to write a script that copies data from a specific directory in windows to a directory in a network share vice versa.and i want the script run daily(could be dne with task scheduler) but i need the copies to be named as the per the the date that it was taken. i hope i was clear in my request.Does anyone have a sample or template that i can use it have this script.and after 7 the oldest backup should get deleted automatically.if possible the backup should be in zip or rar format. days thank to you all

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Not sure if this is what You're looking for...

by StopReplicating In reply to daily backup using roboco ...

Here's exactly what i entered in my command prompt...

Of Course, where it says "My Folder Names", You will replace with Yours...

Double-space means press enter after entry...


C: \Users \Andrew\

C: \Andrew \BackupFiles\


Robocopy C:. C:. /MIR /XA:SH /XD AppData /XJD /R:5 /W:15 /V /NP /LOG:BackupFiles.log


The spacing has to be consistent and congruent throughout your entry...

You may have to initially-replace the 4th line -- with this entry below...


Robocopy C:. C:. /MIR /LOG.BackupFiles.log


Robocopy will eventually recognize Your entry -- if You're seeing it say,

Does not recognize file "NTUSER.DAT" -- You're almost done !!! Just re-enter entire syntex in different command prompt, until Robocopy accepts Your entry...


It took me about 40 hrs to get this right !!! It's all Your's :-)

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