Daily Rate weekly Timesheet (two rates available)?

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I am need of producing a weekly timesheet that allows for two rates to be chosen from. Ideally, the template in Office 2011 for mac is perfect, except it is for hourly rates. I want to be able to choose from a drop down list (Travel day or Offshore Day) in one column, the column on the end for totals will automatically display the appropriate rate for the selection made. Is there anyone that can help me with the formulas? Thanks in Advance


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If function?

by Noshmon In reply to Daily Rate weekly Timeshe ...


Would you be able to get the user to manually input a T for travel or and O for offshore?

For example, if the hourly rate for travel is 5 and the hourly rate for offshore is 10 then:

In B2 the user should put t or o (case insensitive). In C2 the user puts the hours worked. This gives room for titles. Obviously a key would be needed. If the user puts anything other than a T or an O in then the for returns FALSE.

I can work on this if you need me to. Let me know

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