daisy chain routers

By lonniec1143 ·
I have a router hooked to a DSL modem, from the router I have a 150 foot cord that goes into my house. I want to hook up another router in the house so I can use more then one wireles computer? How do I do this will I need a switch, Would it be better to use a swith?

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A switch (hub) will work

by dldorrance In reply to daisy chain routers

I have a network hooked up like that. Total 3 machines, one connected directly to the router, and a hub attached directly to the router, which switches 2 additional machines on the network. The reason for this has to do with the pre-existing CAT cable wiring configuration.

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depending on what you use,

by .Martin. In reply to daisy chain routers

you will get different things.

if you use a switch, it will be pretty much plug it into the router, then plug the other computers into it

if you use a router, you will have to disable DHCP on the second router, if it is a wireless router, you can set the SSID and encryption/security key as the same as the first, then the laptops will move between routers. when setting up this configuration the WAN port (port the modem plugs into) is left empty, only the four LAN ports are used. I would also recommend that you set the routers to transmit wirelessly on separate channels.

it is really up to you, for me, when I was setting my configuration, I found it was cheaper to buy another router, than to buy a switch with built in wireless, and the extra cost wasn't justified for one extra Ethernet.

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