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Daisy-chain wireless repeaters !

By sam6000net ·
I have one Base Cisco 1200 AP connected directly to one server, and I want to daisy-chain around 30 repeaters to cover a big building (without wiring them), can I do that, or the 5-4-3 rules applies here ?

Thanks in advance.

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Wireless repeaters

by CarlitosWay In reply to Daisy-chain wireless repe ...


Check this link out,

Remember that you have to set the wired AP as the "root unit" and the others as repeaters.
I never heard of 5-4-3 rules...did you have any info on that? If so let me know.



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by sam6000net In reply to Wireless repeaters

>>> You can set up a chain of several repeater access points, but throughput for client devices at the end of the repeater chain will be quite low. Because each repeater must receive and then re-transmit each packet on the same channel, throughput is cut in half for each repeater you add to the chain.<<<

Thanks CarlitosWay, (several repeaters) !!!!, can it be up to around 30.

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Chain Suggestion

by CarlitosWay In reply to


Glad I could help.

I would suggest ordering a low number of AP's at first and then test the architecture to see if you would really need that many AP's. Cisco has a option for omnidirectional attenas that extends the signal radius greatly and also has a strong signal strengh.

So heed caution, order a low number of them and test the signal reach troughout the structure and place repeaters as you see fit. There are test devices and meters you can check out to help you in doing this. Remember to make sure you place the AP's so that the signals overlap each other, but not to close to prevent packet collisions. Cisco AP's generally have a range of 50-150 feet (at 11-5MB) indoor's but I might be wrong so check on the cisco site for the technical specs for the AP you were thinking about purchasing. They should have a white paper section discussing signal strentgh and reach.

Hope this helps, stay in touch and let me know how it goes.


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The Laptop Test

by jmgarvin In reply to Chain Suggestion

That does seems like a huge number of APs. I'd order a few and do a walk through with a laptop. See where the dead zones are and if you could just get a more powerful antenna.

Remember APs signals are 3 dimensional! So you don't need the same number on every floor!!

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by jbaker In reply to The Laptop Test

Also remember that any signal that goes vertical is not going as far horizontal (Cisco has their antennae profiles lshown in the documentation online).

You would not want to daisy chain that many repeaters. See if you can get a Cisco sales rep to come out and make recommendations.

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Third party Wifi Experts

by jmgarvin In reply to

It might also be a good idea to bring in a consultant. They could push you forward with their experience and knowledge.

And yes the "bubble" is going to be deformed depending in the antenna, your building, and various interference.

You could also buy a couple of cheapy APs (~$100) and set them up as test beds. This will give you an idea of how wifi works.

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by cp7212 In reply to Daisy-chain wireless repe ...

I don't believe that the 5-4-3 rule applies to wireless because those limits are imposed by media attenuation. Or at least I have never run into it on our network. We don't have repeaters, but we do have ten AP's in one building.

I would have to agree with the others and go with a site survey. You won't believe what can interfere with a wireless signal. If you do go with a survey, make sure they use a spectrometer for RF interference.

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Daisy chaining wireless access points

by jimmy In reply to Daisy-chain wireless repe ...

I believe you can do it with Aphelion products;
with 5 to 6 hops you can still get a throughput of 16 Mbps.

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Sorry for my late late reply

by jimmy In reply to Daisy-chain wireless repe ...

Sorry, I have not been very active on thi site.
Yes you can do that


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