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    Damaged CD


    by superwellie ·

    Can anyone recomend a good prog for recovering data from a damaged cd

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      by fred07 ·

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      My last ditch recovery is to carfully wipe the cd with cooking oil, let dry, and wipe softly off and then do a copy.

      Hope this helps


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      by otl ·

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      Damaged ?

      Not recognized as a formated CD or can not read certain files ?

      Try the CD in other computers, sometimes the tracks are not readable on one CD reader/writer but ok on another (even DVD player may get you in).

      Even booting from recovery disk (DOS) with CD support may allow you to read the CD and pull the data off it.

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      by 1231 ·

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      I had a mini-disk that was scratched from being in my pocket too long. I used a Dremel with a buffing pad tried to buff the scratches away. I didn’t recover all of the files (still couldn’t recover 10 of them) but it was better than losing all 90 of them.

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      by wlbowers ·

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      If the CD is simply scratched you can buy a plastic polish that with some work remove the scratches. There are three grades. Course, medium and fine.

      Look for a supply house that deals in lexan or sheet plastic.


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