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Damged Hard Drive?

By jdkostner ·
I have asked around and no one seems to have an answer. When I boot up I can hear the hard drive. I will get my desktop screen, but if I try to open anything it stalls. After about 2-3 min the hard drive kicks in and it occasionally knocks and sounds louder than usual. I have even reformatted the hard drive hoping that this would help. My computer is less than 2 years old and this started about 6 months ago. Should I go out and get a new drive or is something else causing it???

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by TheChas In reply to Damged Hard Drive?

It sure sounds like a dying hard drive to me.

If you here any grinding or clicking noises, than it is certain that your hard drive is starting to fail.

Before you destroy or throw out the old hard drive, check with the system and drive manufacture for any recalls or "special" situations with your specific drive.

There are a couple of class action settlements for a few specific hard drives.


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by zlitocook In reply to Damged Hard Drive?

You can get a bad drive out of the box. You should hear it spin up and nothing after that. All new drives come with drivers or with drivers you can down load to install, test and register it. In your case I would test the drive and contact the maker to tell them the problem.

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by ozi Eagle In reply to Damged Hard Drive?

If your hard drive is faulty and your system is less that two years old, you may find that the drive is still under warrantee. (often 3 years) Check the warrantee label and return drive for replacement.

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by wlbowers In reply to Damged Hard Drive?

Go to your drive makers site and download their diagnostic software.

Here are the major manufacturers.



Western Digital



You will be able to test your drive to their specs. If you get an error code on testing you should definately check the warranty status on the drive.

You can do that from their website as well.

Good Luck Lee

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by jdkostner In reply to Damged Hard Drive?

I will look into all your suggestions. Another question is what about the mother board. Some one at work said it might be my main problem causing the hard drive to not respond quick and sputtering.

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by glyall In reply to Damged Hard Drive?

if you going to replace your hard drive check Western Digital. Your can can an extended warranty one or two years for $9.95 or $19.95.
Most hard drive now only come with a one year warranty

good luck

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by brian In reply to Damged Hard Drive?

It sounds like a HD problem. The age of the drive is not really a factor - they fail at all different stages. The power supply should also be investigated. A problem powersupply can actually damage the HD in the first place. Generally you should look for voltage monitoring utilities for the Motherboard to monitor voltage. If none available you can get a little info in the bios. One way to check is to run the cd and other components to increase the load. If the problem occurs more frequently when under load- it points to the Power supply.

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