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Damn Netscape!

By kevinalexander ·
I have a laptop with Netscape Communciator installed (tried both versions 4.70 and 4.76).

Each time I try to syncronize the with the server (Mirapoint - a UNIX, LDAP server), Netscape crashes with a .dll message for MSVCRT.DLL

I have tried a different version of the above DLL, but to no avail.

We have over 1,000 other users with the same setup and no problems.

Does anyone have any ideas? Many thanks in advance.

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wild idea

by ozair_rasheed In reply to Damn Netscape!

Change the laptop!

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by kevinalexander In reply to wild idea
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by Andy Tulenko In reply to Nice!

I have had the same problem on a couple of networks I admin. It has been my experience that the easiest solve for this is two fold.

1. Uninstall Netscape and ALL it's Registry entries, then reinstall it.
2. Get a copy of the .dll from a machinethat actually works and put it in the correct directory on the machine.

This has always worked for me in the past. the only other problem I have found is the protocolls need to be updated in your network config.

Good luck.

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Maybe , Maybe not

by f-1003802 In reply to Damn Netscape!

assumeing you are useing Win98/se/me/2k
Have you tryed running "SFC"
and extracting the MSVCRT.DLL from your
OS cd-rom
this has worked when I had a simular problem
with a Networking DLL

if you are unfamilure
at the RUN button type "SFC" then chose
Extract one file

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My xpert advice

by vinodsolomon In reply to Maybe , Maybe not
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Been There - Done That

by spock In reply to My xpert advice

I encountered the same problem awhile back, but it was caused by a different app's install -- totally unrelated to Netscape, but having the same symptoms with the dll. I tried most of the suggestions you are hearing here, but without success. I finally went directly to Microsoft and opened a tech support incident with them on it. After almost two weeks & three different certified engineers, they were still unable to resolve it. Since the dll in question is critical to tons of software, you may begin to see other things start to crash. Solution: I finally had to reinstall the OS altogether.

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Give this a try....

by mike In reply to Damn Netscape!

Try setting up netscape with a brand new account, quite often the user db's or user config in netscape wig out....

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How about............

by M Trump In reply to Damn Netscape!

Scrapping Netscrape and getting a real browser...........Internet Exploder!! Works for me and has some nice features Netscrape doesn't that are benificial.

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I agree

by kevinalexander In reply to How about............

I agree that ie is a far superior browser. Unfortunately my company chooses not to install Outlook because of the potential security and virus risks. So, we use Netscape instead. Bummer, eh?

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Then how about......

by M Trump In reply to I agree

Could you use a program like Eudora or is that little thing called $$$ a prob? :-) I know that a system I used to work for used it and it had some nice security features, it's just not free like Netscrape........

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