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Dang Trojans! & SystemSecurity

By babznme ·
Phooey, I can't believe how easy it is for these crazy money suckers to get hold of my clients. The latest making the rounds is SystemSecurity. It does what all the other ones do, take over the wallpaper with a big WARNING sign and a bunch of nonsense files that supposedly are infected. Golly, I don't mind the money for doing the work, but what a bad thing. I always tell my clients do not say yes to anything that pops up by itself. Even if it says you have thousands of viruses. I install Avast and have no problems. My clients always get Avast after I fix their machines. I am just fed up with the liars that kick their kicks and steak money from people!!! so anyone got something good they like to use besides Malwarebytes? Its ok. I just like having an arseenal.

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Seen that one - what a joke!

by seanferd In reply to Dang Trojans! & SystemSec ...

"Your boss knows what you look at on your computer!" etc. etc.

Thing is, you don't even have to click yes to many of those pop-ups (why they're even seeing pop-ups in the first place is beyond me). If you click anywhere on the pop-up, you are really saying yes (don't be fooled by the fake window control X or a no button). Best thing is to close the browser, or failing that, a shut down (hard, if necessary).

Avira is a pretty good AV, Online Armor is a great firewall with some nice extra features like Program Guard, Spybots S&amp is a good spy/malware tool with similar program protection to OA with its Tea Timer. A Mozilla browser with NoScript extension is downright awesome. And a little user education for these tools goes a long way.

Those who refuse to take precautions or be a little aware of the malware threat are doomed to repeated infections, and maybe worse. Good luck with those clients.

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I also like Avast

by PurpleSkys In reply to Dang Trojans! & SystemSec ...

we also install avast A/V onto computers after we are done fixing them. I love the boot time scanner. In addition to malewarebytes and spybot s&d, we also use superantispyware.

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