By daptim1 ·
please, can someone tell me difference between IP ADDRESS AND DNS ADDRESS.

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That depends...........

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to daptim

It depends on what you are refering to when asking the question. Could you be more specific?

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by TheVirtualOne In reply to daptim

an ip address is the physical address of a networked computing device.

dns can best be described here..

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Of IP Addresses, Domain Names, and DNS.

by deepsand In reply to daptim

1) IP Address is the numeric address of a physical device.

2) Domain Name is the alpha-numeric name of a logical device.

3) DNS, Domain Name Service, serves to translate between IP Addresses & Domain Names.

By way of analogy, DNS provides the same functions as a forward/reverse lookup telephone directory does for telephone nos. and subscribers' names.

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by daptim1 In reply to Of IP Addresses, Domain N ...

thanks for youresponds. Can i just pick any ip address and use it as my dns address or must be assign by my isp.

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lying gets you nowhere.

by TheVirtualOne In reply to Thanks

if you say you're in networking and administration and you don't know what dns or an ip address is than you need to do a little homework. GO ASK YOUR SUPERVISOR!

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Don't assume certain knowledge based on ones role/title

by deepsand In reply to lying gets you nowhere.

One enterprise's LAN Admin. is another's gofer.

I've known more than one "official" LAN Admin. who did not know this material!

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Internal vs External IP Addresses

by deepsand In reply to Thanks

1) External - Assigned by the Host of the Domain

2) Internal - Depending on how LAN & individual machines are configured, assigned either by:
..a) The LAN Administrator; or,
..b) Automatically by DHCP (see )

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By the way, since this is a Question, rather than a Discussion, ...

by deepsand In reply to Thanks

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