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Darn Good Question

By NickNielsen ·
I'd like to know the answer myself.


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Chicago is better off.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Darn Good Question

The Olympics are a huge waste of money, and Chicago is better off without them. No host city has broken even in decades, and the attention and visitors' dollars attracted don't compensate for the money lost.

Regardless, Obama was in a no-win situation. Anybody who paid attention knew the games were going to Rio since there had never been a South American host before. Had he stayed home, the same people would be criticizing him for not going, claiming he hadn't done all he could to secure the games.

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by jck In reply to Chicago is better off.

I know Atlanta went huge into debt for it and lost money, plus the city let the downtown slide following it and from what I understand the area around The Underground is not such a tourist friendly place anymore.

As for people criticizing him no matter what, at least Obama went to make the pitch. According to the AP:

"Obama's presentation in Copenhagen on Friday will be the first time a U.S. president has appeared before the International Olympic Committee to lobby for an Olympics."

That means...neither of the Bushes, Clinton, Reagan, Carter, Ford, Nixon, Kennedy, Eisenhower, Truman, etc., has ever gone to present his country's bid to host an olympics.

At least the guy made the effort to help. No one else has.

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You said

by maxwell edison In reply to Indeed

That means...neither of the Bushes, Clinton, Reagan, Carter, Ford, Nixon, Kennedy, Eisenhower, Truman, etc., has ever gone to present his country's bid to host an olympics.

For full and proper perspective, were any of those other presidents' home towns ever a finalists for consideration while they were in office?

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by jck In reply to You said

Actually, Obama's hometown isn't Chicago. Honolulu, Hawaii is.

Chicago is his city of full-time residence for the past several years. But, he has bounced between New York and Chicago and California before that.

The closest you will come to a president's hometown is William Howard Taft, who was born in Cincinnati, did nothing to represent Cleveland's bid and to get the 1**6 olympics in his home state.

Point is, no other president has made the effort at all no matter what.

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Question for both Max and jck. Edited.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Hometowns

Define 'hometown', please. I'm asking as an Air Force brat who was born in Indianapolis but left there before I was a year old. I don't know if I consider any place I lived while growing up as my 'hometown', but Indy certainly isn't in the running.

Edited - Not that I have anything against 'Circle City'; I've visited there many times. Good zoo and botanical gardens, and of course great racing. I hear there's a half-way decent football team. I don't think it's played any role important enough to qualify as my 'home town'.

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I guess it depends

by jck In reply to Question for both Max and ...

I would think a hometown is the place you were born and/or began life growing up.

Of course, things would be different for military kids as they get moved a lot.

I don't have a hometown according to myself.

My birthplace and place of residence most of my life I wouldn't consider my hometown. My best friend and I call it the "a$$hole of the universe". I'd never move back there, except for grossly absurd amounts of money guaranteed in the short term. Then, I'd move away again.

Where I live now definitely isn't my hometown. I plan on leaving it.

Anyways. I don't think a "hometown" is considered where you currently live or have lived the past several years. I think a hometown is usually related either to your birth or living formative years of your child hood.

Maybe I'm wrong in the head or something.

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My answer

by maxwell edison In reply to Question for both Max and ...


Outside of any context, however, if you asked me to define hometown, I'd say that it's the place a person calls home.

Let's see what Merriam Webster says:

the city or town where one was born or grew up; also : the place of one's principal residence


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The precedent

by JamesRL In reply to Hometowns

Many Olympics insiders had thought Chicago was in number 2 spot before the big conference.

In the conference which decided the home of the 2012 Olympic games, it was neck and neck between Paris and London, with Paris considered to be leading. Tony Blair gave an impassioned speech and London won the games. Note, neither UK(194 nor France (1924 Chariots of Fire) has had a summer games for many decades. So London and Paris, each having held 2 summer Olympics, were somewhat even. Rio is on a continents that has never held an Olympics. North America(Canada and US combined) has held 11.

Toronto lost to Bejing, despite having a better sports infrastructure. The sentiment though, was for the place that had never had the chance to have the games. Bejing committed to building new infrastructure and overcame the objections. Rio will probably do the same.


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Correct President Obama, not me.

by maxwell edison In reply to Hometowns

I'm just repeating what President Obama, himself, has said.

".....I could not be prouder of my hometown of Chicago....."


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by jck In reply to Correct President Obama, ...

maybe he feels like I do...where I was born and raised isn't my hometown.

Of course like I said, it will never be. There are people there who are/have been dear to me. But, nothing about that town engraciates me to espouse it as where my "roots" are.

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