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.DAT File Types extension changed to notepad icon. Help?

By sonap69 ·
Hi guys,
the file type extension for my .DAT files have been changed to a notepad icon now and I don't know how to undo this and get the .DAT files back into their original file type extensions with a generic icon again. Is there any way I can do this please? I am using windows XP Home Edition.

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From any open Explorer window

by Oz_Media In reply to .DAT File Types extension ...

Open any Windows Explorer window (not internet explorer) click Tools then Folder options from the top menu bar.

YOu can then scroll through all file types and assign ewhich program is used to open them and which icon to use.

If you need further help, try posting to the Technical Questions and Answers forum the discussions forum isn't the greatest place to look for help.

Tech Q&A link:

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.DAT file extension changed to notepad.

by sonap69 In reply to From any open Explorer wi ...

Thank you so much for your prompt response. I know what you mean about opening the file types windows and changing the file type back to what it's suppose to be, but what is the proper extension for .DAT files? Thanks for telling me about technical questions and answers forum as well, I didn't know of this before. All the best.

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DAT has no defined association

by gralfus In reply to .DAT file extension chang ...

DAT is a generic extension that can be used by any program, so the actual file structure can be just about anything. Thus it does not have a default association. I associated mine with Notepad, because many times DAT files are plain text, or have some human readable text in them. This association does not prevent the program that uses that file from using it.

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by Oz_Media In reply to DAT has no defined associ ...

I have mine open with a completely different program because my DAT's are raw studio recordings from a server in England.

I generally don't care what the extension is as I use another program to import the DAT's though instead of clicking the DAT's themselves.

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