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    *.dat files not working !


    by bint_oi ·

    My problem is that i am trying to play VCDs some of them WORKS fine using windows media player or power dvd, but others wont work, in widnows media player the error message is: incorrect function, and while trying on power dvd the PC just freezes, i took the unworking VCDs and tried them on win98 they worked fine, but it seems they dont like win2000, i made windows update and i tried many other softwares only win dvd was able to play them on win2000.. so many ppl are complaining about thisproblem but there is no solution i could find

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      *.dat files not working !

      by jeff adams ·

      In reply to *.dat files not working !

      Did you ensure all the requiste codecs were installed on Windows 2000 computer (i.e. at least all the same codecs that are installed on the Windows 98 PC)? Do a codec by codec/version by version comparison to see what is different between the two computers. Windows Update does not handle third-party codecs. Some codecs are installed along with or built into third-party software.


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