DAT72 drives

By Dalwinder Randhawa ·
Hi all
I have two DAT72 SCSI tape drives attached to two individual servers (ser2003 &ser2003).
These drives do daily backup for about 5 hrs daily.
some times the backup just crashes in between and when I come in the morning I find the tape's "tape clean" light blinking.
I clean drives daily.
Can any body suggest me what could be the problem.
is there any time length (age) we should use tape drive for, if yes how to know if my tape drive is dying.
Any one with any idea please suggest.

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While you clean the Drives Daily what about the Tapes?

by OH Smeg In reply to DAT72 drives

Where are the Stored and are then in their Plastic Cases to keep dust out?

How old are the Tapes? Have then been replaced at all? Tapes do break down and leaves bits of themselves on the Tape Drives requiring the need to clean the drives. If this is happening Daily it sounds as if the Tapes are really dirty Incorrectly Stored or getting old and need replacing.

As for a Life Expectancy of a Drive this depends on where it is located. I once saw a Open Real Video Machine in a specially built room that wore out it's heads in a matter of a few weeks. This was because the Room was insulated with Fiberglass Insulation and this was covered by Peg Board which allowed bits of Fiberglass Bat to fall onto the Tape Machine.

The same applies to DAT Drives the Dirter that they are allowed to get in Dusty Environments the shorter their life's will be. About the only thing with DAT Drives that need regular attention are the Pinch Rollers need replacing when they get hard the heads need to be replaced when they wear out and this happens because dust or other muck gets into the drive either through Bad Positioning of the Drive or dirty Tapes.


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