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Data Access Pages - URL Params

By jbeckmeyer ·
I'm tring to find an easy-to-implement front end for a networked database. I'm experimenting with Data Access Pages, since it'll be easy to tie in to our existing web-based portal. However, one thing that would make this a done deal would be the ability to pass URL parameters to the page to specify a specific query filter or dataset to display. I have not yet found any resources indicating if this is a possibility, other than iimplementing a .NET/ASP solution or server-side scripting of some sort. Since the database is on our local LAN, and implementation of .NET on our webserver is not an option, does anyone have any fresh ideas that could make this work? Just point me in the right direction...

Thanks in advance,
Jim Beckmeyer

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by Jaqui In reply to Data Access Pages - URL P ...

build your query's for the data, point the db access to your server ( existing )

.net, .php, perl, or python, or even xhtml
don't matter what language.

the connection function is given a variable that tells it what the ip number is for the database.
and one with what the name of the database is.

cannot be done properly with a static site, for static, just create a document with the data in it, and link to that on the site.

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You've got to pass them to a page producer

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Data Access Pages - URL P ...

a HTML page is static.
Lots of different scripting languages, PHP, Perl, python, ASP.
CGI or even ISAPI will do it as well, though these are not scrpits but executables.

So the URL in this case points to a script mydbpage.php and in there it can read the parameters DB and QUERY and then respond with the correct HTML.

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Drop the MS Access

by ma407 In reply to Data Access Pages - URL P ...

I wanted to use data access pages to work as a front end with MS Access in the backend, all this over the web. The real issue is that MS Access is not good in a networked environment. AFTERWARDS I realized what a pain Data Access Pages are if you're using a web host. They need to set certain environment variables ( I read this on MSDN). In the end I gave up. Instead I'm working with SQL server and Visual Basic.
Yes, more work.
There are many books about this.
I feel Visual Basic is just as easy as any other programming language.. but it is powerful!

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