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Data Analysis for Mobile App's

By halilzafertoy ·
Hello Everyone,
I am currently working on automotive industry and i am working on the data analysis, but i would like to change my sector with mobile app. In here i want to work on data analysis for mobile apps (data analysis of marketing, user acquisition, etc..). However i have no idea what they use or what they do. Is there anyone here who know something or gives some information ?
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Mobile apps

by deborasumopayroll In reply to Data Analysis for Mobile ...

Mobile analytics give companies visibility into how users come to their mobile site or application, as well as what their journey and experience is within the application itself. This data can inform advertising and product development decisions.
The most common method of collecting mobile analytics data is by implementing a tool's Software Development Kit into the app, which will then send analytics data back to the analytics tool itself.
Mobile analytics tools are most commonly used by marketing departments, but are also used by product developers for user insights.

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Mobile Analytics tools

by jackdanielsking2 In reply to Data Analysis for Mobile ...

Mobile app analytics are a developer’s best friend. Tools that analyze the performance of your mobile app help you gain a good understanding of how your users are behaving and how the app can be optimized to reach your goals.

Finding a suitable mobile app analytics tool, however, can be a challenging and sometimes daunting task. Here are 10 mobile analytics tools which you can learn
2.Google Analytics
3.Apple Analytics
I hope that this post is helpful to you.
Because knowledge never goes wasted.

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Data Analysis for Mobile App's

by milliejack In reply to Data Analysis for Mobile ...

Mobile analytics tools give insights for how an application can be optimized to reach your mobile app goals. Mobile analytics help companies to understand their mobile performance and how many users used your apps and visited your site. This can be really helpful for the marketing department and I would really suggest it.

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