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Data Archival Strategies

By spenmetsa ·
What are the recommendations for data archival for ERP data? For Example if we want to archive order history or customer history what would be the best approach?

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by Black Panther In reply to Data Archival Strategies

First decide on how often you need to access previous years information. Do you supply a warranty period to your Customers? If you have a warranty that is 3 years for example you will need to readily access the data for that customer so you will need to keep at least 3 years of information.

What sort of buying patterns do your customers have?

Is it seasonal? Do you use forecasting?

How much current history is safisfactory to your business to analise buying trends?

It is always a trade-off between system performance and how often you need to go back in time to retrieve information.

It can also depend on how many transactions you do a day. If you do 100 a day you may be able to keep more 'years' information on the system without too much performance degragation or using extra disk space for example. If you do 1000 transactions a day then you would have to keep less years as a comparison.

How much disk space is required? How big will your file sizes grow to if you keep many years of information? Most operating systems and applications have file size limits - where if the file size exceeds this limit your system will stop!

You may also want to setup another company where which contains the archive information and give access as needed to this extra company. ( as long as you have enough disk space ).

What are the legal and audit requirements where you are located?

Do you need 7 years available for taxation and audit purposes? Is a hard copy sufficient?

In the event of a fire can you restore old information from tape?

hope this helps

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