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I run into this problem often I have a user with a failing hard drive and I backup all of there data to a dvd or cd but my software will not document the files for me to be able to provide to the user for ease of finding there information. Is there any data backup app out there that will backup data to dvd or cd, documenting all of the data in the backup and not to be able to backup data not in a compressed file, so user can just pop in disc and retrieve data? any suggestions?

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There are disk directory printers....

by robo_dev In reply to Data Backup and Documenti ...

So you could print a directory of the user's 'my documents' folder.

Karens's Directory Printer

If you're putting it on a DVD and there is not too much data, just make a regular data DVD to keep it simple.

When making a backup to DVD, to make sure you get everything, I typically make one compressed backup (Windows backup BKF file) of everything except the 'my documents' folders, then make a standard data DVD (or two, or three) of the my documents folder. A dual-layer DVD really helps here if they've got a lot of stuff.

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