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Data Backup from users systems?

By sulmau ·

I'm monitoring a peer to peer 30 node network & want to know how to backup the users critical data like .pst ( e-mail backup ), work / excel or other application files backup from users system to the main server?

Any helpful suggestion / idea regarding the planning / timing etc. will be highly appreciated in this regards.

Awaiting helpful reply as always.

Thanks / Sulman

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Second Copy...

by Wyrmlord In reply to Data Backup from users sy ...

Do what I do for myself, the Plant Manager, Chief Accountant, and a guy with Maintenance/Spare Parts software: use Second Copy 2000.
I think someone on this list suggested it. I went and tried this out some two months back and now cannot imagine living without. In short, you set up a backup routine (anywhere from every minute to every other year), style (copy/synchro/compress/archive, with variations), source and target, and forget the whole thing. If one of your files is open, a feminine voice tells you so and you have 30 secs to close it, plenty enough.
This is shareware with one-month free trial (but it doesn't self-destruct after that) and healthy reductions for multi-user licenses (I bought 5 and paid for 4, for instance).
I was forced to restore some lost files already and believe me, there is NOTHING simpler or quicker, you just copy the needed files back where they belong, period.
Do give it a try.
Oh yes, you will have to have a single central backup depot, so to speak, that you DDR/DAT/whatever regularly. But THIS I think you've had for a while :-)))

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I don't backup user systems

by maxwell edison In reply to Data Backup from users sy ...

We have a rule that says if something is worth backing up, then it's worth storing on (one of) the server(s). Our policy is that ALL data files be stored on the server, and no individual desktop computers will be backed up. Why worry about backing up thirty (or more) computers, when you should only be backing up one?

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30 users on a peer network?

by pgm554 In reply to I don't backup user syste ...

Any thing past 10 and the network starts to become inefficent.Go client server with a decent backup piece (SBS 2000 or 2003) or Novell SBS6.Both come with backup software for the client and server bundled in.

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