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    Data bases and IT


    by galamb ·

    I am starting my 2nd year of an Associates Degree in Computer Science, specializing in Computer Networking. How valuable is a course in data base design such as Oracle or Microsoft Access for this carreer? Neither is a requirement for this course but I need to know if it would be worthwhile since I have a window of time between other IT courses.

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      If it isn’t a graphic it’s text

      by brucegyl ·

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      And all other information is text. All information is placed in databases to be manipulated for data retrieval and other management functions. Learn all you can about database management and applications. It will serve you well in the future. Good luck. You’ve chosen one of the best professions for the future.

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      Databases and Business

      by 8) ·

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      It is extremely important to have a good knowledge of database prgramming, maintenance and structure. Every business accumulates data and retrieves data daily. In other words, most businesses have a database of one sort or another. I spend 10% ofmy day working with networking and PC issues and 90% of my day working with databases. In this day and age, employeers expect a tech to have some semblence of multitasking capabilities unless you are working for a firm that exclusively installs andor maintains networks. It is good to have a well rounded knowledge to open up more opportunities.

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