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I am a project manager whose been tapped to do a data center relocation. Is there anyone out there who has successfully completed a relocation and a PM that could give me some advice, lessons learned, case study(project plan), etc...

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How deep is the relo?

by Tig2 In reply to Data Center Relocation

Are you responsible for moving the facility- phones/data/workstation/servers to an entirely new building? How many end users? Is there any computing environment change planned in conjuction with this? What is the distance to the new location? Miles? Hundreds of miles?

This is just the tip of the iceberg. When you have all that information, we need to talk about known issues (likely to happen) and potential risks (likely to happen). Is there a resistance to change in the org would be a potential risk.

I will start digging in my files. I have all kinds of stuff that should at least point you down the paths you will follow.

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We have gone through that several times.

by jlabesj In reply to Data Center Relocation

(0) Check new center for readiness specially the network.
(1) Inventory of Systems to be relocated.
(2) Prepare your floor plan in the new site and new location of each system.
(3) Allow for possible growth of some systems and maintenance space.
(4) Prepare environmental requirement of each system in the new location (electrical power, HVAC, network).
(5) Put system mobilization plan for each system.
(6) Accodring to the plan of each system, ensure suppliers and engineers as well as electrical maintenance and support team.
(7) You need to schedule systems mobilization in such a way a specific system team do no hinder other teams (space of work or use of loading.unloading facilities).
( Mobilizing systems is the critical part where you need to do it in a safe way where there is low street traffic.
(9) Above all your systems mobilization should be planned along with client machines mobilization
(10) You need to start your systems and make necessary changes (e.g. network addresses..etc.).
(11) Test access of your systems from different locations in the new site to ensure it is accessible.

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Datacenter Relocation Information

by kees.schoorl In reply to Data Center Relocation

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