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    by frauke2 ·

    I want to learn how to make data-entry-apps, but am unsure where and how to start. At this moment a client wants an app to let employees register their working hours so that they can be processed automatically into the administration.

    I’ve been looking at Mobincube, but the options for data-forms are very limited. I’ve also come across Microsoft PowerApps, which seems to be perfect for what I want to do, except for the paying monthly per user payment plan, since my customer has a variable workforce

    Needed functionalities:
    – Login-screen
    – Use of (external) data-tables (automated import or directly linked)
    – Selection-fields (like combobox in Office)

    So my question is, what would you advice for making data entry apps?
    Or maybe there is someone here who is willing to guide me with this project (paid off course)

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      Tips for Making Data-entry-apps

      by helenfoster786 ·

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      Hi There, I hope I can help you out with this.

      So for starters, if you’re not such a tech savvy person or if you’ve just started programming, then I would suggest you go for ‘Google forms’ or ‘Microsoft Access’ for developing this kind of mobile app.
      It will be less time consuming, easy to understand, and easy to execute. However, these platforms have their limitations. For example, once created, you won’t be able to provide access to individual users. Furthermore, if you plan on using it for attendance management, then the employees will not be able to add their information themselves.

      But, if you’re a tech savvy person and you have a know-how of programming. Then you can go ahead and customize the mobile app according to the features that you desire. For this, you can follow any one of the below procedures:
      1- You can use opensource technologies if cost/licensing is an issue.
      2- You can use web platform for the app as there are technologies which can solve cross-platform issue with little to no effort.

      You can use PHP and Node to develop the mobile app. For the front-end, I would recommend you adopt the jQuery framework. With jQuery you can create powerful table listings that come integrated with searching, sorting, and pagination functionalities. If for any reason jQuery is out of the equation, then you can also use React Native to get the results that you desire.

      If you have any questions, feel free to reach out.

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