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data entry behaviour

By Blackcurrant ·

One of my people is entering data into an Access 2003 table.

What happens is that if they enter 126 in a field, then use the down arrow key to move to the field beneath and type 127, they find that using the down arrow key again will automatically place 128 in the field below.

Is there a way to stop this behaviour? It would be great if using the down arrow key simply moved the focus to the field below without automatically inputting data.


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by fungus-among-us In reply to data entry behaviour

Wow, that sounds like an excel behaviour issue.
a few questions...

Is the field in question an actual calculated field?

If it is not a "calculated field", change the design of the table to make this a text field rather than a numerical one.

Why is data entry being done directly to a table?

Does this database not have a query to the same table or an entry form to input data instead?
We have over 30 ACCESS 2002 databases in use at our facility at the moment. None of them allow the users to enter data using the table. As a matter of fact, we have designed the tables to be hidden from view.

I hope that helped... assuming the field isn't a "calculated field"

good luck

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by Blackcurrant In reply to

Hi, and thanks for answering, fungus-among-us (LOL). The field is not a calculated field, and the table view is being used because this is not 'blind' data-inputting. The person needs to be able to see previous entries. Also, the field needs to be a numerical field because it relates to a number assigned to (believe it or not), soil samples....

Each database we create is different, and is tailored to the requirements of each specific project.

Thanks anyway for your help.

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by chitosunday In reply to data entry behaviour

change autonumber to number only as your data type

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by Blackcurrant In reply to

Hi, chitosunday, and thanks for answering. I checked the data type, and it is already set to Number. Any other thoughts?

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