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By sykotaboy ·
I haven't been on here for REALLY LONG (AStleast not paying much attention) .

I have Probably been a member since I was like 12...hehe...like 9 years ago...lol......I've been a "member" for like 5 or 6 years, but am just now actually attempting communication. for the first time. Granted, it's doubtful, and I Know chances are pretty "slim" but how many of you do disaster & Evidence Recovery? Any takers?

Recovery of evidence or just simple data from SCSI, SERIAL(ANCIENT) cient PCs and SOme old mainFrames) or PCMCIA(Laptop), or IDE/ATA HDDs & and/or any general media (Flashcards, IDE,SCSI,& PCMCIA Drives, PhotoFlashCards, Mem. Sticks, palmtops, OR "basic memory history"??

The reason I ask is because I have A WD Desktop
PCMCIA HDD that has been though some form of "Grenade Elplosion" Exercise....hehe, no, it was not in actual "warfare", rather on a naval airbases pactice range....LOL... What it was doing there, I do NOT know, and don't particulrlay "wish to" ask! It's platters are bent into an almost continuous "S" type of shape, and the platter walls/motor mount are filled with holes, when [projected on a scope, but not "IMMEDIATELY-evident" by eye.]

Getting the data off is easy enough with a clean-romm vacuum-procedure in some cases,or just a prog. in some others. BUT I am searching for EVERYTHING that can be found in the way of Kit, "chemicals", Powders, Resins which can possibly tell me the percentages of certain chamicals contained in the dry powder. It is literally covered with some form of "fluidic staining", and /or a long-time under some sort of mist.....hehe....

I want to Identifies the powder more than just simply saying it is "wear & Tear"or any form of standard?

The clientS (Local D.A. Offices), who normally have their OWN lab for this sort of mess, with far MORE THEN qualified people. They have INTELLIGENTLY gotten out by saying "NO" to even so much as "playing with" it, so the Gods of BAD LUCK thrust it upon me ) wishes to Recover not only the current and past reformat of the drive, but wishes to go back as far as possible, Regardless of the usual past three reformats and low formats, & scrambles, which would be much, much easier if the drive had NEVER been touched and was operable it would be EASY.

But I need something to tell me what chemicals, Electrostats, and/or "conductants & megnetos" it has been in contact with or polluted by??

I've been accustomed to Fire, Explosion and Collision damage, but not to "This" kind of extreme extent of warpage, with the platters becoming bent or pehaps "dented" or "colllided-with," in a kind or a "accordian"-TYPE of shape, with an almost literal (definitely "intentional "accordion-like cotinuous "s" shape, like noodles?

Most of the few EXPLOSION damages I've seen, Oor been able to witness by sight have been either pronouncedly-Vertical or perhaps SPHERICAL in directional pressure of the original blast???

ANYONE regularly see anything like this??

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Whatever you are 'on' - I strongly suggest REHAB !! <NT>

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Data/Evidence Foresnsics ...
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Sykotaboy ?? ...more like Psychotic Boy -

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Data/Evidence Foresnsics ...

"It's platters are bent into an almost continuous "S" type of shape, and the platter walls/motor mount are filled with holes

How in **** do you expect a clean room to be of any use? You need to have something that can be rotated!

Are you sure you've actually GOT something like this sitting in front of you? ...it could just be the drugs!

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I've been "reading" your post for 3 or 4 "times" now, and this is "one" of the most nonsensical "postings" that I HAVE ever seen.

The "Quote" marks around random "WORDS" don't really help you make your point.

You have been a member for 9 years, or a "member" for 5 or 6 years... since you were 12.
So you are between 17 and 21 years old I guess. Been burning a few brain cells in those years?

You are wanting to recover data from a drive thats been in an explosion? Hard drives store their data via magnetism. Enough heat to warp the platters will kill the magnetism on the platters. Your data is gone.

I "HOPE" that this answers your questions.

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Sounds to me like a new hard drive is in order

by robo_dev In reply to Data/Evidence Foresnsics ...

Disk drive platters are made of glass or aluminum with a microscopic coating of magnetic and non magenetic alloys.

It is not possible to change the shape of an aluminum disc with a chemical, nor with a magnetic field, ditto for glass.

Thus, the only feasible explanation is an explosion and/or fire, either of which would most likely cause complete and total destruction of the microscopic coating which contains the data.

Even if the coating were intact in small sections, you would need a magnetic force scanning electron microscope and it would likely take a team of people with advanced skills, such as the knowledge of data-encoding, and how to work the microscope. This has never been done in the private sector, according to my research.

So, in theory, with a budget of $10-20M USD, you may, or may not, be able to recover a bit of data from the drive.

So did she run over your laptop with her pickup truck when she left you???

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It depends

by LocoLobo In reply to Data/Evidence Foresnsics ...

on what type of naval range (Dry Lake, Desert, etc) what type of munitions were used, etc. If you really want to know what chemicals the powder is made of take it to a chemistry laboratory. Most likely they will be glad to take a few hundred to a couple of thousand dollars and tell you.

However that will almost certainly destroy any data that might by some "Weird Science" be left. Frankly, after rereading your post, it doesn't seem possible. Assuming this is real then my advice would be to send it back to your client. In other words confirm what their own lab said.

BTW: I'm inclined to agree with Old Mycroft.

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by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Data/Evidence Foresnsics ...

It's both a specialist job and the chemicals involved are not listed owing the Government Control as this type of work needs to be done in Government Run Lab's where the Chain of Evidence can be maintained. Any of the better Data Recovery Houses will be able to do this work if it's actually possible but I;'m guessing that as it's already been looked at by Professionals that it's not recoverable.

Like when was the last time that you ever heard a Government Bureaucrat refuse to do a job? From your description I would say that a Recovery has been attempted and been a failure so it's been returned to the person responsible and they have been told as much. But not wishing to believe what they where told they have wasted even more money and sent it to a unqualified person for an opinion.

But if they are insistent please send it to me I could do with the money and no work to do.


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