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    Data Execution Prevention error (DEP)


    by frawser7917 ·

    I am getting a Data Execution Prevention error while logging in followed by a windows explorer error and drwtsn error. the below given path i got from windows explorer error report. am not sure about this. I am getting this error for about 3 months from now.

    After this i can only see the desktop wallpaper “no icons and taskbar”. I can’t do anything else. I can access the task manager by CTRL+ALT+DEL and I have to log off and log in again and everything works fine. Data Execution Prevention is really annoying sometimes…
    Installed McAfee(free edition from AOL) long time ago recently installed WinPatrol and PC Tools Spyware Doctor. Not sure if any virus in my system… As far as i know there is no virus. I had done Disk Defragment before 3 months, after that only am getting this…

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      If you can boot to your Windows CD

      by nicknielsen ·

      In reply to Data Execution Prevention error (DEP)

      Boot to your Windows CD and do an OS Repair. This should fix your problem.

      I’d also suggest you uninstall McAfee and install one of the free antivirus programs such as AVG ( or AVAST Home (

      In the future, you may get better results by selecting the “Ask a Question” button when you post problems. This message is posted in the Discussion forum, not the Questions forum. There are TR members who are much more qualified than I am to answer your questions who do not frequent the Discussion forums.

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        Thank u for the reply

        by frawser7917 ·

        In reply to If you can boot to your Windows CD

        Thank u for the reply. I will post my future thoughts in the questions form. And about the issue, I had installed stardock “CursorXP” in my system 3 months ago and it was always in the startup. I think it would have had a clash with McAfee and other Programs during startup. I had uninstalled the “CursorXP” today and kept my system under observation. I had tried restarting several times no issues. I can see my desktop and icons. I will keep the system under observation for one more day. Do u think McAfee can create the problem? Previously I had many issues with AVG but had not tried Avast till now.

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          McAfee does create problems

          by nicknielsen ·

          In reply to Thank u for the reply

          Newer versions more than older versions.

          I’ve been running AVG on my home PC with no issues. Keep in mind, too, that you should only run [u]one[/u] anti-virus program on your PC at a time. Running more than one will definitely cause problems.

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          I had a problem with AVG.

          by frawser7917 ·

          In reply to McAfee does create problems

          I had a problem with AVG. It showed me that some host is changed and I don’t know what it was. Today I had uninstalled McAfee and installed Avast. So far it?s working fine. And I think that Cursor XP had created the DEP error. Now my system is behaving normally. Now I have Avast, PC tools Spy ware doctor, Win Patrol. Do u suggest to have all the three or I can uninstall any one of those.

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          Each performs a slightly different function

          by nicknielsen ·

          In reply to I had a problem with AVG.

          For maximum protection, you should use an antivirus, antispyware, and system monitor just as you are.

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          Yes my friends suggested the same

          by frawser7917 ·

          In reply to Each performs a slightly different function

          Now my system is working really fine. I can login and logoff at any time. That DEP is not a problem anymore. As I said that both Cursor XP and McAfee would have had a clash in the startup. Am just working on it. I want to know if McAfee wants to overrule the startup programs. I had kept Avast under observation and its really performing well with its On-Access Scanner and virus database updation. Thanks for ur recommendation on the same.

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          Glad to be of help

          by nicknielsen ·

          In reply to Yes my friends suggested the same


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          Need to limit your applications

          by gmminear ·

          In reply to I had a problem with AVG.

          Because I do not know what OS you are running it can be hard for me to decipher what is happening.

          Your McAfee should have anti-virus /anti-spyware installed on a paid subscription. If your subscription has expired, you will need to uninstall.

          HOWEVER, uninstalling can cause further problems if your registry is corrupted.

          The other software you have: Avast, Cursor XP, PC Tools, and SpyWare Doctor could all be Trojan Virus Software causing the corruption of your system.

          If you are not familiar with the way to remove software from your system, (Control Panel) I seriously suggest you take to a professional to reformat your hard drive before you get into a situation where you could loose valuable data.

          In closing, I would refer you to the only 3 types of Free Software to protect you against Viruses and Spyware.

          Please note, I do not work for or endorse these products:


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          Trojan Virus software?

          by nicknielsen ·

          In reply to Need to limit your applications

          Your recommended apps (AVG, Spybot S&D, and SpywareBlaster) are good applications and are in use on my home systems. Your classification of Avast, CursorXP, and PC Tools as trojan or virus software, however, boggles the mind. Time to update your definition files…

          Avast –
          CursorXP (now CursorFX) –
          PC Tools –
          Spyware Doctor –

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