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By daniel ·
Data Extraction / Merging Software
I am looking for a Excel plug-in or some windows based application that can extract data from many CSV files then, clean, manipulate, and merge data based on easy to define maps, scripts or macros. One of my goals is to find a software tool to handle and schedule dozens of incoming inventory files in various formats.

My goal is to cross match some inventory files (ex. column headers: part number, description, quantity) against price lists and merge the files. These price list are sometimes complicated and require calculations based on tiered pricing and product ranges. However, I want the program to be extremely easy to use so that a non-programmer can learn to use it quickly. See example below

table 1
part number description quantity
ABC123 Metal screw 20,000
BCD222 Metal bolt 20,000

table 2
Part # Price 1 Price 2 Price 3
(1-99) (100-999) (1000-9999)
ABC123 .09 .06 .03
BCD222 .23 .20 .15

Merged Table
part number description quantity price
ABC123 Metal screw 20,000 .03
BCD222 Metal bolt 333 .23

I have looked at a program from Pervasive called Data Integrator and it was a little too complicated for a non-programmer to handle. Do anyone know of any applications preferable an Excel plug-in's that will perform the above task easily? Please help.

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