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    Data in Win 2k


    by jgranados ·

    I am having some concerns here. pardon me for my ignorance. I came across the DATA folder in Windows Explorer on one of our machines. When I click on the folder, it takes a long long time to show up and when it opens up, it has a ton of folders under it. One of the folders is 1.2 Gigs. What exactly is that DATA folder and what writes to that folder? Please help!

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      Data Folder

      by timwalsh ·

      In reply to Data in Win 2k

      This is NOT a standard Windows system folder.

      Without knowing what type of data is in the Data folder, it’s hard to give you any specific answer or guidance.

      Most likely, this is a folder created by the user of that particular computer to helporganize his work files.

      I always create Data partitions on any computer (server or workstation) I configure. This is a way to separate user files from system and application files.

      I usually create

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