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    Data Leak prevention


    by geniusmind4 ·

    Hi guys,

    Well i need some help. I want to know what is the best for data leak prevention from internal employees and staff, kindly tell me what hardware appliances are available which can secure data at motion, and at rest as well.

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      by geniusmind4 ·

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      Sounds like you need to….

      by thumbsup2 ·

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      …. Hire a Security Expert! 😀

      If there isn’t money in the budget to hire someone who knows what they’re doing, a baseball bat in the hands of a guard at the door might do the trick. 😉

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        by geniusmind4 ·

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        nice one 😉 but there is an issue , like my CEO cannot trust anyone with the source code, not even the security specialist 🙁 wht he need is some hardware solution which only he can manage n monitor even from remote locations .. plz suggest something.

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          Data Leakage Prevention

          by nisaacs ·

          In reply to hahaha

          My company offers a solution that sounds like a perfect fit. If you want information, email me at to discuss specifics.

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