Data lose after Hp system Recovery

By rztari ·
I have a HP at home. I somehow pressed F10 on boot which launched & started the System Restore feature. From what I understand, HP creates a partition on which it keeps the Win XP image in case the OS gets corrupted. Is there any way that the information that was on the hard drive before the system restore utility was run can be recovered now?

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by Toivo Talikka In reply to Data lose after Hp system ...

...because the System Restore installs everything from scratch. If you have plenty of money, you could take the hard drive to one of the forensic data recovery companies who will be able to discover painstakingly what was on the hard drive before it was overwritten. But, as already said, it is a very costly exercise, so costly that buying a $200 external hard drive is well justified for backing up your data. Burning a CD or DVD every now and then would be the cheapest way, or you can also tap into one of the free online data backup sites on the net.

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Actually it's quite easy though somewhat expensive

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Data lose after Hp system ...

And the more that you have used that particular HDD the more expensive it will be. All you need do is remove the HDD send it to a Data Recovery House and get then to rebuild the previous Partition should only cost somewhere near the $45,000.00 mark as the HDD is still working. But if you have used the HDD and stored any data since there will be the need for forensic recovery which will destroy the HDD and cost much more to perform.

But on the up side the Data Recovery House that you send it to should have the recovered data back to you within 2 weeks if there is no forensic work involved. Of course you'll need a new HDD as well and some HP Recovery CD's.

It actually far cheaper to restore from your Backup's and rebuild your data store from there. If you didn't have a DR Plan in place you now know just how easy it is to destroy the Data on the HDD by making a simple stupid mistake and you now need to pay the piper and pay for the recovery of the data and at the same time start some form of DR Plan to prevent this happening again.

As I always tell my customers that computer is worth nothing but the contents on the HDD are very important and worth quite a lot of money that is never considered by the Accounting side of any business until they have to pay to recover the lost data.


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