Data Recover after System Restore to Previous Date

By tiffanyw16 ·

I have an HP C700 laptop (Windows Vista). I accidentally deleted my Pictures Folder this morning. I contacted HP who walked me through a System Restore and we restored the system to last night. Of course, System Restore did not bring back that file (and I'm not sure why the on-line help agent didn't know that??). Anywho, I was wondering if a Data Restore can be done now to get that file back or if it would be pointless (of course all Pictures were on the main C directory). THANKS>

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Digital Photo Recovery

Next time get a external BACKUP drive to store your pic. :)
Digital Photo Recovery here:
Hope it works for you.

Please post back if you have any more problems or questions.
If this information is useful, please mark as helpful. Thanks.

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Reponse To Answer

by xunting2011 In reply to Digital Photo Recovery

People often feel panic when I see this. If I format the drive, will I lose all my data? If not, how could I get access to my files?
My take is that you may have to format the drive and then use recovery software to recover your files.
Here???s some information about file recovery, think you need to take a look, very useful

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Stop writing data to that hard drive

by akalinowski In reply to Data Recover after System ...

if you have a 2nd pc download and install edata unerase and run it on that hard drive, if you dont have a 2nd computer then try to install it on that computer and run it... but you'll need an external hdd to recover to.

the way it works is when you delete a file from hard drive via recycle bin it doesnt actually get rid of the bits of the data, but it does remove references to where the bits are... so using recovery tools you can piece together the data and recover what hasnt been written over... reson it would get written over is because the file system looks for open slots, since the reference is now gone it assumes the slots are open and writes over them.

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Reponse To Answer

by lovejun In reply to Stop writing data to that ...

All your pictures are saved on the memory card of your camera automatically.So you can recover your deleted pictures from SDHC card with third party photo recovery software.I have a professional photo recovery program on my computer that can recover data after deeply scanning your memory card to look for lost data you accidentally deleted or formatted. By the way,you can download it and scan your SDHC card for free to preview whether your erased pictures can be recovered.Get it from ( For Mac recovery Free download link: )

( For Windows recovery Free download link: )

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If these files are important

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Data Recover after System ...

Stop using this computer now turn it off remove the HDD and do not use the HDD again till you have recovered the Pictures Required. If you don't have another computer to use fit a new HDD to this computer and fit this HDD to a External USB or Firewire Caddy and Do Not allow anything to be written to the HDD as it will overwrite the files that have been deleted and reduce your chances of recovering them. You probably will not be able to recover all of them if you have used the computer since but the longer that you use the computer the less you will be able to recover.

If these are Super Important send the Drive to a Data Recovery House who can perform Forensic Recoveries so that means a Place like On Track or similar but it's not a cheap option. You should be aware of that before you proceed any further but as the drive is still working it will be no where near as expensive as recovering from a dead drive.

If you want to give this a shot yourself Davory from XWays works quite well is reasonably cheap but is slow and can take a week to scan a HDD for one file type depending on how big the Drive actually is. It is likely to recover every link to any deleted files but there will be instances of Incomplete JPG images being picked up.

You need to fit this Affected HDD to an External Enclosure and save any recovered files to the HDD in the Computer this will prevent any chance of overwriting your files.

When you have finished you can use the New HDD in the External Enclosure to perform regular Backup to prevent the need to run applications like this again.

Remember there are only 2 types of Computer users those who have lost all of their data and those who are going to loose all of their data. Doesn't matter how careful you are you will loose data on a Computers HDD at some stage quite often this is out of your control when a HDD Fails or a OS Screws up and overwrites things but if you are careful and perform regular Backup's to a off computer media you are less likely to be significantly affected when something goes wrong.


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Get back data NTFS

by TheBOFH In reply to Data Recover after System ...


Try Get back data NTFS I used this software with great success never tried to restore pictures but it does a great job with MS office documents.


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