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By nyguy1060 ·
I have a customers HP dv6045nr laptop tat will not boot. When you turn it on it gets to the Windows XP screen, then turns off, as it is turning off you see a flash off an error screen. I ran a diagnostic program and there are no devices on the PCI buses. No memory controller,bridging devices, serial bus controller, network controller, NOTHING. The first thing I would like to know is how can I get the data off. I have tried recovery programs, and Linux rescue disks. The only one that I can access the system with is GRUB, but I am not familiar with it and am kind of lost with the commands. Second, is the PCI bus disabled and if it is how can it be repaired or does a hardware change need to take place?

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Well as you can run a Live Linux

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to data recovery

I'm taking it that the computer actually works right?

First thing is to pull the HDD and fit to a USB Caddy and connect to another XP Computer preferably a XP Pro version if you have one available. Then look at the HDD and see if you can save any of the data directly off the drive in a readable format. If you can just copy it all to DVD or CD Media and then refit the HDD and try a Repair Install of XP by following the directions here


If you can not access the Data Files on the HDD you need to Take Ownership of them by following the directions here


If the system had XP Pro on it it's possible that Windows Encrypted File System was used so you'll need to save a copy of the Encryption Key by following the directions here


Then copy the Data & Encryption Key to a XP Pro computer and save the data unencrypted.

You can also check the BIOS to see if someone has been messing there and turned off things then should be turned on but if that's OK I would tend to think that the PCI Scan that you did came up blank because of the hardware being used and not because there is nothing there to use.


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Try this

by ali40961 In reply to data recovery


FREE utility I am currently using on a failed hard drive. WORKS GREAT if windoze can see the drive, but can't access. BEST OF ALL it is FREE and WORKS GREAT! Recovers DELETED data also!

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