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By bhaijiyusuf ·
my hdd gives a tck tick sound.the data is on drive d cmos doesnt detect has to retrived or company will be closed down.some tech guys told to kip in da freezer solves the problem.but to no avail tried.please help!!!!!!!!!reply on my email ad

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by mjd420nova In reply to data recovery

A number of things could have gone wrong with
the HDD drive mechanism. Either it can't initialize, or can't position the heads, and the
sensor can't see the heads when initialized.
This could also be the fault of the control card mounted on the drive. Try a local data recovery service near you. I've done a couple successful
removal of platters from bad drive and
placement in working drives to recover data.
Other times it still can't be read from or the
clock track is messed up and weren't able
to install a new clock and recover.

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by 3xp3rt In reply to data recovery

I know some time when the freezer solution is work. You can try. But most secure is a company who made data recovery. There are solution to recover the major parts or even all the data from a bad HDD. But first you can try to move the HDD on other computer and see if working. Good luck.

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to data recovery

First I would try the HDD in another computer as a Slave to see if it actually is working as the M'Board could have failed or even something as simple as the power supply could be on its way out.

If the drive is defiantly dead and not seen in BIOS then if the data is really important you can buy an identical make/model HDD and replace the circuit board on the bottom of the drive and see if you can then see both the Drive and it's data in another computer from the original or maybe even in a USB caddy connected to another running computer.

If that doesn't work and the data is Absolutely Vital and there is no Backup in place your only option is a Specialized Data Recovery House like On Track or a similar company close to where you are where they have a class 1 clean room to dismantle the drive and read directly off the platters. This however isn't a cheap option and will take several days to perform + transport time.

This should never happen as vital data like this should always be backed up to a different media that can be removed from the main computer. It's called a DR Plan standing for Disaster Recovery as you can never be sure that the data on any HDD will remain intact or that something unexpected will happen like fires or even something like an aircraft crash which would destroy all the computers in one physical location. You always need some DR Plan in place and constantly use it to save your Critical Data so if necessary you can replace a computer or entire network and be up and running in a couple of hours MAX.

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to

In any business the computer hardware is the cheapest part involved the real costs are involved in the Data Stored on the internal HDD's and it's always far cheaper to have this backed up so you can replace a computer and be running again in the shortest time possible rather than loosing all your data and then being required to spend Thousands of $ to recover it and you'll still at the very least be up for the cost of a replacement HDD and more likely than not an entire computer just to keep your data safe.


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by wlbowers In reply to data recovery

Go Here:

And for heaven sake don't tell them you froze it.

That only works if the drive will not spin up because the bearings are seizing.


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