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Data Recovery after System Restore?

By BP7226 ·
I have an impatient client who did not wait until I could get to his place of business to get his Windows XP system going again, so he decided to do a system restore with the factory cd. Of course everything was erased when the new image was put on the hard drive. Now he is missing all his financial records and and client information. Is there some software that will accomplish this miracle? I know it is far beyond anything I can do and I do not know of any software that will accomplish the feat either.

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by zlitocook In reply to Data Recovery after Syste ...

There may be some data left but every time he dose something on the computer more data could be over writen. You need to send it to a data recovery specialist now.
I always saymake backups, store the my documents on the server or put it on an external drive. Do a reinstall but create two partitions and have my documents on the second.

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by Fiona946 In reply to

Some ppl may come across the trouble that they did not make backup. So for in terms of this situation, they need a professional data recovery software to help them get back the lost files after the system restore. Wondershare Data Recovery can locate the disk space that was occupied by a deleted file. While retrieving your lost files, it won't cause any further damage to your previous data.

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Data Recovery after Syste ...

Provided the HDD wasn't formatted the data should still be there, though he may not be able to access it.

If it is you need to take ownership of the data by following the directions here

If he however did perform a Format on the drive the data will all be over written and be very costly to recover and he'll also loose the HDD in question so the cost of that will have to be factored into the data recovery operation.

If the data is really important the drive can be dismantled and a goo spread over the Platter/s and then every time that some data has been written to the drive can be recovered remember to set aside about 48K for this process + the cost of a replacement drive. Currently I believe that On Track is the only outside Government Data Recovery House that is capable of performing this operation and there will of course be a time delay in getting the recovered data.


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