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Data recovery external HD no partition recovery available

By rsharpton ·
Greetings, I have been working on recovering some data on an external usb HD. The drive was connected when active kill disk was run on it(but only for a few seconds... don't ask :) its a long story)

Anyway, I have used a few different data recovery tools and the partition is NOT coming up, however, I can run a utility to look at the drive sector by sector and I see the data there, even the ascii appears to be the files I want, after all the kill disk they tell me was only run for a few seconds.

Anyway, I have tried some signiture based tools but the starting point for these tools is... you guessed it select the partition. The only time I have used one of these tools previously was on a good functioning drive and the user just hit delete on the file, in that case it worked like majic. This problem is a bit out of my experience. I am not sure what would be the impact of creating a new partition using the same file system type (FAT32) then using the tool to search within that parition...

BTW I have used a knoppix disk to do a dd if=/dev/hdx of=/dev/hdy to backup the drive however, i would still like to know more about it, what I am doing that is, before I start beating on the poor hard drive. Any help is appreaciated

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You need a low-level sector editor and...

by JackOfAllTech In reply to Data recovery external HD ...

a really good TRM. You're going to have to set the bits and bytes manually to define the MBR and Allocation tables. Good luck.

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This is why

by santeewelding In reply to You need a low-level sect ...

I sit on TR, and have for, lo, these three years.

Thank you, JackOfAllTech .

You can't know all that I have learned.

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