Data Recovery Hardware

By rawfish ·

I am curious about Data Recovery Hardware that might be available these days that would assist in recovering from failed media, IDE, SATA HD'S, RAID, CD MEDIA, FLASH DRIVE'S ETC.
Keep in mind that I am looking for info. on hardware.Software has worked great in the past and continue to do so, however , it is hardware that I am interested in at the moment ;?]

Any ideas or suggestions?



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by csheppard In reply to Data Recovery Hardware

Diskmaster Pro formerly known as EMAK is great hardware used for data recovery.

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If you can afford it....

by OmegaZone In reply to Data Recovery Hardware

Salvation Data based out of China offers top of the line tools for hardware level recovery as well as platter transfer kits. Definetly not for normal IT people and do not even let a non Tech see these items. But for about 5000 US you can build the base for a professional recovery lab.

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Zombie Alert...

by PurpleSkys In reply to If you can afford it....

again..once again, not that it isn't good info...but ya know

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by Snuffy09 In reply to Zombie Alert...
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An old post that

by IC-IT In reply to Zombie?

has been dead for awhile and now has been brought forth to face the world (and eat our brains). :-)

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Data recovery hardware vs data recovery software

by hddfixer In reply to Data Recovery Hardware

you are correct, data recovery hardware is usually not hardware alone, it integrates and works with data recovery software. With the hardware, the software and application is able to work in a deeper level of data recovery and make all the operation of data recovery secured. Hardware is also used to encrypt the program and it becomes more stable to work.

only some data recovery hardware which is used to repair drives physically are pure hardware. like you need to use some data recovery hardware to replace heads or platters., this websitte does explain a lot about the difference between data recovery hardware and software.

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data recovery hardware review

by savehdd In reply to Data Recovery Hardware

as i knew, there are mainly two data recovery hardware manufacturers: SalvationDATA Technology and ACE LAB.
salvationdata has following tools:
Data Copy King
Flash Doctor
Data Compass
File Extractor
HD Doctor
PC-3000 for Windows UDMA
Data Extractor UDMA
PC-3000 for SCSI
Data Extractor SCSI
PC-3000 Flash
PC-3000 Portable

personally i prefer to data compass..

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The zombie that just won't die.

by seanferd In reply to Data Recovery Hardware

And here i thought that International Zombie Day had long since passed.

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data recovery hardware now

by savehdd In reply to Data Recovery Hardware

it is indeed an old post. but as the time past, there are a lot disk image hardware emerged, like DATA COPY KING from salvationdata, supersonix from logicube, disk imager from deepspar etc. they are popular recently.

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