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Data recovery problem

By kevin_476 ·
I ran Windows Vista upgrade from Windows XP Pro. Many files had corrupted away with no error code leaving only void folders behind. It seemed to not discriminate based on size or location. To be safe, when I removed Vista I repartitioned all drives involved in running the OS so I thought I wouldn't lose any more, but I lost my entire data. Unfortunately I cannot provide very much technical information about this issue to assist in tracking the problem. Please help me.

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When you repartitioned you lost all the file pointers.

by deepsand In reply to Data recovery problem

Unless you have backups of the data files in question, you're in need of a Forensic Data Recovery service.

If you've none near to you, you can find such online by doing a search for "forensic data recovery." There are some who advertise prices as low as $149; but, without knowing how much work would be involved in your case, I'd not hazard a quess at your cost.

In the mean, do nothing with the machine if you want to try data recovery. Turn it off and leave it off.

Good luck.

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Not impossible as you may think

by Will.Conner In reply to When you repartitioned yo ...

I ran into some issue a while back when one of our servers lost a drive that I later found did not have a mirror and was not on the regular backups. Seems the system wasn't "critical" anymore and the backup operator removed the shares from the backup job without consulting me first. At any rate, check this out:

I purchased this software and it saved the day. It was able to recover everything from the drive to any location I wanted on another drive that I had plugged into the system. The folder names were all jacked up but the data files came back in full useable shape. I think in the end we found there were just a couple of non critical spreadsheets that were not found but we'll take that versus losing the entire data set. Good luck with yours.

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That is Forensic Data Recovery!

by deepsand In reply to Not impossible as you may ...

I never said that recovery was impossible, only that you'll not accomplish it without the help of FDR.

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Suggestion for the future

by deepsand In reply to Data recovery problem

Tech. problems in search of a solution should be posted to the "Question" forum, rather than the "Discussion" forum. There are those who specifically seek out such, and the"Question" forum is where they look.

Additionally, the "Question" forum provides for your rating the helpfulness of responses, so that others seeking similar aid can more easily find it.

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Re:Data recovery problem

by logan_657 In reply to Data recovery problem

I have lost the old system XP by a third party dual boot system. The other files were OK and chkdsk has till now repaired the partitions. When I tried installing vista I even lost my entire data. This was really getting into my nerves. But on Internet while I was surfing I found Salvage Data Recovery software. It worked well and got my almost ninety percent of data. The only thing I couldn?t figure was: why this data was lost and how these software manages to get the data back. Then too I lost little data. But I can compromise with that caz getting more than ninety percentages of data is also a big achievable thing. I guess you must also give a try to this software.

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