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By TechSerf ·
I have a Win98 laptop that a user deleted a file on. It was a Word97 doc, about 2 weeks ago. I don't think he defragged it or anything, but it was definitely deleted from the recycle bin.

I tried R Studio, and Active Undeleted. It sees the file, but it's empty, save for a '1' in the top corner.

My question to you is this:
Have any of you had any success with recovery software? If so, which titles, and could you outline your method for retrieving?


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by BFilmFan In reply to Data recovery software

I've always restored from backup media myself.

Unless this was a business critical document, I would not waste the dollars to have a professional firm do a data recovery on the hard disk. There is no guarantee and you could be looking at significant expense.

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by ozi Eagle In reply to Data recovery software


As I understand your problem this file was deleted two weeks ago. I assume that the computer has been used since.
You may find that the file is no longer recoverable, as the delete function frees up the space on the hard disk that this file occupied. Any saves can over write this space, which in 2 weeks is very likely to have happened, particularly since you state that undelete software sees the file but it is "empty"

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by alldtoys In reply to Data recovery software

Try getdataback for Fat from Without a doubt, the absolute best at data recovery!! Have used that version & also the one for NTFS. YOu can download & run the program & actually see if your file is there & valid before having to spend the $$ for the software. I had backed up about 13 gb of data onto an external drive & then completely wiped out my laptop hard drive & reloaded all the programs, when my backup drive completely crashed. Using Getdataback software, I was able to recover about 98% of all my data from both the reloaded computer and the crashed back up drive. I had tried several other commercial "restore" products that didn't work at all. GETDATABACK is the best!!

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