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Data Recovery with Recuva caution

I recently experienced an XP install in which XP decided my D drive was my C drive. Long story short, I used Recuva to get back some of the files. Here's what I learned is an additional mistake one can make during this process:
Recuva let's you tag by check box all files you want to try to recover. It also lets you Shift -tag groups. Then the program will try to recover those files. The tagged files migrate to the top of the window and remain tagged! So it is easy to continue on without realizing the "tagged for recovery" files you have ALREADY recovered are still TAGGED. I quintupled some of my recovered files. Now I have to go back in and individually tag every multiple duplicate for deletion. I could not find a good way to organize/list them. Since there were hundreds of thousands of files, it will take literally weeks to clean up the dupes, and I still have to make sure the recovered files are usable.
So beyond the caution of only have the specific drive you are installing the OS to, if you use Recuva be extra cautious about the tagging routine - my advice is to use the tag-all box at the top of the disply to tag all and then untag all before making further selections.
Good luck.

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