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Data Removal from Hard Drives

By kdalton ·
My company is looking to donate several PC's. In doing this we are looking for the best and most effective way to remove data from the hard drive. The removal will be for Win 95, Win 2000, and some XP Hard Drives most formatted under NTFS. I am currently looking for data removal that will leave no traces of data on the drive. Any suggestions?

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by dRb63 In reply to Data Removal from Hard Dr ...

For over six years now, our company has been using Micro2000. Been extremely happy with the results.

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by Chris910 In reply to Data Removal from Hard Dr ...

If you are seriously woried about your data destroy the drives. Being generous is admirable but not at the expense of your business. Drives are inexpensive now days and are the most likely cause of failure in a computer after 5 years. Additionally the time you spend cleaning the drives will offset the cost of a smaller new drive.

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by Boli In reply to Data Removal from Hard Dr ...

You can get OEM dos promt floppy disk things that system builders can only get (i think it comes with the system builders package). it has an OEM boot disk floppy thing and on it there is a program which is 'Oformat', that completly wipes hard drives.
the command when you have the disk:

Oformat c:/u

that is an unconditional complete format of you hard drive (depending on C=Hard drive)

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If you can get ahold of a win98 boot disk you are fixed.

-Boot off the floppy
-at the A> prompt type 'fdisk'
-type 'y' to enable large disk support
-type 'y' to treat ntfs as a large disk(when applicable)
-next select delete dos/non-dos partition
(NTFS will be non-dos, FAT, FAT32 will be dos)
-after it is deleted reboot. It's gone.
*Donate Away*

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by the world is an illusion In reply to

answer #3 will only work with FAT and FAT32 partitions. It will NOT format a NTFS partiton.

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