Data Retrieval from Hard Brive in a "No Boot" PC

By benjoel ·
Usually, I remove the HD for this particular job, but this Gateway GM 5260 Desktop is so easy to access. Also, it's a personal one! It shut down, a few months ago ... "No Boot: WINDOWS/SYSTEM32/CONFIG/SYSTEM file is missing or corrupted. " In the move to the present address, all of my "stuff" is either packed, stored or at other location. I picked up a Sabrent USB/SATA Cable Adapter Kit and locatedonly 2 of my service books. I have an identical PC that I've been using and haven't been in a hurry on #1. Yesterday, my ATTY. calls and wants the 500+/- pics that I have of this house, that the well paid Home Inspecter failed to "mention". Seems that he never went "under" the floor or above the ceiling, yet gave "good" reports on inspection.

I planned to just "unhook" the HD, install the adapter kit and load them to the #2 PC, burn him a DVD of the Pics. Later, recover all other files and do a "Reinstall". The Gateway OEM MCE 2005 disk was with the #2 PC. The "problem child" was a display and the "Disk" was conveniently missing. To top all of that, I have no idea where my SlipStreamed XP SPE disks or my 2 XP PRO SP2 disks are.

Is this feasible, or should I do it like any other: R&R, Retreive, etc.? It's more like a lumber yard and a paint booth ... at present. I wanted to "Hit & Run", get what I needed, Pile it in a big box and tape it ip until a later date. Why does nobody have time to properly service their owm "stuff"??

Thanks, have a great weekend and keep up the great work, ... Jim

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Correction to post

by benjoel In reply to Data Retrieval from Hard ...

Correction to title! "Drive" not "Brive"!! At 66, disabled and having been up but 23+ hours, I should have waited...!

Ya'll needed a good laugh anyway! One Day ... you'll understand.

Thanks Guys ...... Jim

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Possible Solution

by El_Duce In reply to Data Retrieval from Hard ...


Since you are able to post here, I'd say you have access to a working computer. Can't you just put the disk as slave in this one? Otherwise you can still do the following. Go in search of a bootcd eg 'ubcd' (google for it). Burn it on a disc and boot your pc and that way you can either replace the corrupt file from within thi i386 folder or from another pc or to move your data off this disc


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i agree, I think

by .Martin. In reply to Data Retrieval from Hard ...

from what i gathered (my brain is working at about 15% of normal capacity) I would do what you are thinking, if it is just a missing file, hook it up grab the files you need, then box it up for the time.

when everything is a bit more organised, i would try repairing the installation, rather than than reinstalling straight away, just to see if you can save it. to do this, throw in your XP disk (any should do) boot onto the disk choose repair install, follow prompts (choose HDD and enter admin password) then run the command "chkdsk /r" (without "") if that don't work, reinstall.

good luck with it all


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by brian In reply to i agree, I think :D

Hooking it up and grabbing the files for now is the best way to go. Later, take the time to work on fixing it. ATTNY's don't like to wait...

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Slow down.

by 1bn0 In reply to Data Retrieval from Hard ...

Recover the data you need now.
Recover the rest later.

You have an identical machine?

After you have recovered your data:

1. Image the drive of the working machine and replicate it to a new disk. install in the corrupt machine.

or 2. Check the working machine to see if it has a utility to create recovery disks or maybe even just an ISO of the recovery cd you can burn and use to restore the machine that is not working.

I have been successful in that on a couple of IBM and Dell computers.

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That would work though you may need to take Ownership of the Files/Folders

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Data Retrieval from Hard ...

Unless of course you have enabled the Encryption System within your version of Windows and then you'll be in trouble.

But it would be just as easy to load a Live Linux and burnt he required files to some Blank Optical Media. It's fast easy and doesn't involve pulling anything apart.

I generally use the new version of Mandriva for this as it works wit all of the hardware that I have been able to throw at it so far

Though and Live Linux should work and if you don't have the necessary time or Bandwidth to download one you can always walk into your Local Newsagent and buy a Linux Mad with a Live Linux on the Cover Disc.


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just one thing to add

by IC-IT In reply to Data Retrieval from Hard ...

All the above advice is spot on. Slave it, take ownership if needed.
To fix it; 90% of the time a Chkdsk /R
on the affected drive will correct your problem.

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