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What is data science

By honingds01 ·
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Data science is the study of using scientific methods which can be involved in various processes. It also involves the use of algorithms and various tools which helps in learning the machine language. These tools may include python, r for data science, and other assembly languages. If one wants to become a data scientist, they need to understand data analysis and its various components but first they need to know what exactly data science is.

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good question

by code0966 In reply to What is data science

Data Scientist takes data from a data set and cleanses/munges/transforms it to a usable form and makes an analysis using visualization tools + makes models to predict the next thing that will happen
Here is more info

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Data Science and Database Management

by lawlin In reply to What is data science

Data Science, in short, is the process of making meaning out of unstructured data. To this end, data scientists first try to structure unstructured data. The ultimate task, of course, is to create a credible, comprehensive database. Once a database has been created, scientists constantly monitor, manage, and update it. Data management, therefore, is an essential aspect of data science (Source:

Notably, it involves statistics and machine learning also.

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Data Science

by palakbisht011 In reply to What is data science

Data science is a field of Big Data adapt towards providing meaningfull information based on large amounts of complex data. It is a field of science that involves techniques like machine learning, cluster analysis, data mining and visualization.

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Data Science Empowers Businesses

by davidharperint In reply to What is data science

Data science helps to analyze the future by doing machine learning of data, predictive analytics, and what-if analysis. Data Science helps to dig deep into a variety of insights.

Businesses explore ways to process their data to bring out unknown causative factors and also see how do they affect the future. A data scientist needs easy access to data and transformation tools, and business users need more straightforward access to machine learning tools, predictions, and be able to perform what-if analysis by themselves.

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Data science

by guptabhandara In reply to What is data science

Data science is the study of data analysis. While using scientific methods which can be involved in various processes the aim of data science is to gainknowledge from any type of data – both structured and unstructured. These tools may with python

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