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Data security gets worse as hackers go global

By Nathank ·
There is no way internet security is getting better. While we are all talking about how dumb we are for leaking the data from 26.5+ million veterans, hackers are simply going global. Large industries DO in fact exist overseas and we in the U.S. need to put more emphasis on protecting them just as much.

I just read an article about how a Japanese telecommunications company leaked personal information on 4 million customers.

How can the claim that we are making strides in internet security when in the past 3 months we've had the largest banking security breach with Wachovia/Bank of America, largest debit card breach with CitiBank, the VA incident, and now this on an international level. To put it into perspective, just these 4 incidents involved over 35 million people.

The problem is that corporations don't know how to protect their personal assets as well as they should. If they put just a little more emphasis on it who knows how many of these incidents could have been prevented.

The U.S.'s population is minute compared to the rest of the world. If we don?t watch out, this could get extremely ugly around the rest of the world.

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Corporate ignorance....

by Lando56 In reply to Data security gets worse ...

So right about your article!

If I hear ONE more person tell me 'oh, we're safe. We have firewall'... I'm gonna scream!

I want so bad to came back with, 'that's nice. Now, let's get back to talking about security and why you are asking for my Social Security number (or any other sensitive data) on an UNSECURED website or email.'

I have come across many sites from very large companies and they do not even have a secured web page for sending sensitive info. It truely blows me away! These are large, sometimes huge companies. It's almost impossible to think they do not have some kind of CTO. What are these CTO's doing? Not doing their job obviously.

Where's the Security Policy? Has the data been classified? (e.g. Sensitive, Company Only, Public...), where's the data, who has access to it... and why? Is there employee training on security matters? (Obviously not in some cases!) What are the CLEARLY defined consequences if /when these Policies are not followed?

Not everyone has to be a security guru, but these are different days. EVERYONE should be aware of even the most basic of Security Procedures. For example, encryption can be made so simple... point encrypt. ('Whew! That took me 8 seconds! Now I'm behind in my work!')

Personally I feel some of it is ignorance (see fireall statement), some is money, and some is 'it's to time consuming/complicated'. I think if the TV cameras did a few 'perp walk' shots of a CEO/CTO or whatever 'O's' are involved, many of these excuses would disappear the next day.

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